My Salute To Kami Tora!

If you don’t know who Kami Tora is, you honestly should spend a few minutes taking a peek at his work. A lovely mix of vulgar and whimsical, his art features and anything depicting dominant women with massive strap ons/phalluses.

I’ve never been a particular fan of hentai, but I am extremely fond of various fem dom work! Here’s just a little example.

Full Site Here:



The other day, I received a package, sent to me by my personal slave ‘glory holes’. Inside was a massive, no ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE, silicone dildo. It has the girth of a diet coke can and measures about a foot long. Oh, and it weighs 2.8 pounds. It’s jaw dropping (isn’t it glory holes?) Actually, when I presented it to my little slut, he was speechless and instinctively, his mouth fell open as he took in its full visual mass.


Of course, realizing this toy pretty much fits right in alongside Kami Tora’s normal imagery, I decided to snap my own photo as a personal salute!




Happy Thursday Everyone!



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