WANTED: Gyno Table w/Stirrups!

This blog has always been good to me when putting my feelers out to find odd things.


As simple as this item would seem to obtain, I’m having a bit of unexpected difficulty. It also doesn’t help that I have a ban from paypal for buying inappropriate materials in bulk, an apparent violation of their TOU, so I cannot make a purchase on Ebay. Yeah.

So, if any of you happen to know where I can get a gyno table, similar to the one below in any color except pink, please do let me know. If you have one to give away or just want to gift it to me, be prepared to be my first victim.


A few stats to make this a bit more challenging:  It MUST be in good condition! No rips, no excessive dirt, all pieces in tact. I’ll also need the stirrups to be included and it must be something that can either be delivered to me or shipped via normal carrier. I am entirely unable to pick it up myself.

Also, if it’s not a gift and I’ll be paying for it, I don’t want to spend more than $500 and delivery must be less than $100.

So, my google-fu friends, please accept this challenge and forward anything you find that would fit the above criteria my way!


Email: victoria.rage@yahoo.com



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2 Thoughts to “WANTED: Gyno Table w/Stirrups!”

  1. basilqh

    “…a ban from paypal for buying inappropriate materials in bulk.”

    That is simply inspiring!

    1. I wish my story were more scandalous, but my purchase was a fucking machine and a 1000ct case of condoms. Inspiring but it could have been better… (grin)

      I had NO CLUE what was so ‘bad’ about my purchase until the nervous and very embarrassed Paypal rep explained it to me on the phone. lol The ban was almost worth listening to her try to explain to me why my items were flagged as inappropriate. Sadly, my ‘safe sex’ argument didn’t hold enough water to keep me in their good graces.

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