New Review: The Week Long Session!

I’m not officially back …. don’t get *too* excited just yet.

I still require a couple more days to play catch up from last week and take my sweet time gently acclimating to  daily life. It’s been a slow descent back into reality so bare with me for the moment.

In the meantime, as I fondly reflect on my recent week with a cherished pet, his emailed review came across my desk and I just couldn’t help myself in squeaking out just one blog post….especially since my dear reviewer did most of the writing work for me.

So, without further adieu, those who have been curious to know about what a week with me would be like…




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DATE: 6/13
NAME: Victoria Rage
EMAIL: see website
PHONE: see website
RECOMMEND: Yes indeed.
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Whenever I can manage trips to her city

Some months ago, Victoria Rage posted a taunting blog entry concerning her extreme stamina:

This got me thinking:  what would it be like to spend an extended period of time in an immersive session with her?  Like, say, a whole week….?

So I contacted her, to see if she might be up for such a crazy thing…   She dove into the concept like a hawk pouncing on a mouse.  Because of the mutual trickiness of scheduling such a lengthy session, she ended up with over two months to plan.   And she’s a very idea-filled lady….

I won’t go into too many details at present, both because I can still barely think (or move), and because I wish to preserve M. Rage’s considerable bag of tricks.  I’ll just say my opening thought to her was something like “I’ve always dreamed of working at as an extra for a week or two…”.

We had considerable pre-discussion about the session, and I, based on my experience with her in the past, offered her to feel quite free to go far beyond some of the limits I’d had, and I’d give it my best….

The setup: 

A poor random guy is visiting Seattle for a week, for an all-expenses-paid vacation he’s won.   He arrives, and meets his lovely and incredibly seductive tour guide.  Who starts off the day showing him some of the sights of Seattle.  As the day progresses, the sights get a bit…kinkier and ominous…., though the tour guide is ever so lovely and hints of so very much more…

He steps into his hotel room, only to find….it’s not a hotel room, but a rather substantially-equipped and sized dungeon.

Where he is to spend the next week as a prisoner, being trained and conditioned for a certain purpose, and then disposed of.   The ultimate manner of disposal depending on his…performance…during the training.

What happened during the session:

A blow-by-blow account would simply not be appropriate.  It was very personal and immersive –  emotional, pleasurable, painful, terrifying, gleeful, and nearly religious at times.  Living in a dungeon near 24×7 becomes quite disorienting and mood-altering pretty quickly, and with the time/sleep/food schedule I was placed on, I quickly lost track of what day or time it was.   There were moments now-and-then that were out-of-scene so Victoria could check that I was still human, and during those times I got to know her on a more personal level during our chats, and she is an absolutely fine person to know, I’m happy to have had that time with her. I believe this will lead to even more effective scenes in the future, as my confidence in her abilities to keep me safe during our activities, while extremely high before, is on a far higher level now.   I trust her now at the same level I reserve to those people I go into Very Dangerous And Scary Places with.

Broad brush strokes then.    I was in the dungeon most of the time, removed at times to other interesting locations throughout Seattle for various sorts of scenes.  There was a constant flurry of “training” and conditioning and testing.   Victoria brewed up some activities that I suspect the wildest Roman Emperors only dreamed of.   Some of M. Victoria’s friends and servants participated at times to great effect, and I thank them for their help in this project, it made some of the scenes epic.

I’ll present a single image from a single scene that occupies my thoughts still:  myself, in a far-removed realm of consciousness, dangling by my arms from a rope fastened to a tree in a secluded garden, the rain gently streaming down my freshly-flayed back, as I sway in the misty breeze…  The guests watch from within the nearby Manor, sipping their tea.  Victoria reaches for another implement, with a ravenous smile on her face….

I personally trained aggressively for well over a year before this session simply to be able to survive it, and I have spent decades seriously working in various Taoist and Tantric traditions, and still only just barely made it through the week.   I ran out of steam completely the last hour or so of the last day, while Victoria clearly could have gone on another week!  Each day, M. Rage seemed to be *more* full of energy than the previous, it was as if she was feeding herself on the energy of the scene and growing stronger hour-by-hour.  Her claim to frightening stamina is no mere idle boast, and her creativity is remarkable.  We went a week without her repeating herself or running out of ideas.  From our conversations post-scene, we barely scratched the surface of the possibilities she had prepared…

Bottom line:

This was an absolutely mind-boggling experience.  I had a fabulous time.  I learned some very useful things – spiritually and physically.   M. Victoria also was very kind in “gently” helping me past some mental barriers I have had towards some issues.  It was a considerable pleasure and privilege to spend this length of time with such a creative, skillful, and caring BDSM practitioner.   It is odd to reckon such a world-class sadist as “caring”, but I think that is much of her charm for me.

If you have interests in this realm of experience that go *far* beyond the “spank me for 30 mins and call me a naughty boy” stage, you should definitely have a chat with her.

Victoria – thank you for the experience of a lifetime!  I shall always remember some of those scenes as if they were still happening 🙂

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