I’m Back From Vacation & A Birthday Announcement!

Yes, NOW I’m back, officially and wholeheartedly.




By the tone of my voice mails, it appears that I’m returning just in time! You kinky boys don’t seem to get much done when the facilitator of your fondest vice is unavailable. You wouldn’t imagine some of the lewd (though very welcome) emails/messages I’ve received!

While I’ve gotten back to everyone who deserved my response, I am still left with a few openings in my agenda this week that I’d love to fill. I can’t stress enough how overwhelmed with new ideas I am as of late, now if I can just find enough willing flesh to satiate my cravings.


If you’re feeling adventurous and up to the task, drop me a line and let’s reconnect!

Same day and advance appointments will both be welcomed.

Wednesday: 6:30-8:30

Thursday: 3:30-10:00

Friday: 11:00-4:00 &  6:30-8:30

Saturday: 11:00-10:00 

As a side note, now that Summer is officially here (despite my fervent disapproval) it’s that time again to start forming my birthday plans! Born July 19th, I’m a Canercian if you follow astrology,  and as the introvert of the zodiac, my plans for my big day will naturally involve staying indoors relaxing.

You’d think that being born during the sunniest part of the year would have saved me from being such a reclusive porcelain doll, but alas it has not…. Instead, I plan to spend my time knee deep in fragrant scented bath water and a good book about emergency medical care (my newest fascination). Do note: I will be taking both the 19th and 20th off to properly enjoy ushering in the last year of my 20’s, though I warmly welcome visitors the rest of the week leading up to my big day.

Those interested in sending gifts or tokens of appreciation will be happy to find my Amazon Wish List here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=wish_list

Please include your email address and name in the gift receipt so I can thank you properly.

I also deeply appreciate gift cards from the following online retailers: Westward Bound Latex, Honour Clothing UK, Amazon.com, Jt’s Stockroom &, Ebay.

If you’re not the lovely dovey gift bestowing type, I’m also entirely satisfied with the physical offering of your body for my amusement. That week in particular, I will only be welcoming guests with kinks extraordinarily linear to my own. If you’re a returning visitor, you know exactly what I mean by that.


Now, you boys have a wicked and wonderful rest of your week!




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2 Thoughts to “I’m Back From Vacation & A Birthday Announcement!”

  1. Alfred York

    Dearest Mistress veronica   I hope you have the bestesh birthday EVVVVEEEEERRRR.   Your loyal slave, Al   Not my real name of course.  


    1. Thank you Alfred, but my name is Victoria 😉

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