My Heart Beat Is Now An Erotic Weapon!

I’m perpetually out of order, but right now, it doesn’t really matter. Here I sit with a well organized queue of posts, all neatly written and politely waiting in line to be published, when along comes a session so weird and wonderful that it  deserves a write up to be thrust immediately to the front of the line. Sorry everyone… if I’ve promised a chronicle of a recent scene or have assured you that your topic suggestion would grace the pages of my WordPress: it will, but it’s going to need to wait a few more days.

Why? Look at the title. That about sums up with just happened.

What began as a carefully scripted appointment with a regular partner of mine, quickly turned into a slightly comical, entirely nerdy and highly experimental scene where mid way through, our diabolical role play was abandon the moment we both realized a little anomaly with my electrical unity (Erostek 312b). Different positions + different placement of the pads = some VERY NEW sensations.

Yes, this is enough reason for me to abandon a well constructed role play.  As he explained rather gentlemanly, “It felt like you were using the fuck saw on me…in a good way”. My brain paused. It made him feel like I was using my fucksaw? My electro box? All because of where and how I had the pads and how I had him kneeling? Jackpot! Hands free fuck saw sensation = Win. Now we need to see what else we can come up with!!!

Moments later, perched upon my medical table, he was fitted again with the electro pads and away we went. From the corner of my eye, I notice my microphone…something I’ve not used all to often in scene, though it fits beautifully with this particular box. Each wave patterns flows in sync with whatever sounds goes into the mic. Louder sounds produce more intense sensations and different vocal patterns generate an electrical imitation. Simple, unless you crank the box WAY up, effectively silencing  everyone in the room, as any sound made will force the box send intense pulses of electricity into his hot-wired genitals. *grin*.


At this point, this little microphone is the scariest thing in the room



This game was fun for about 5 minutes, the two of us trying not to laugh or talk too loudly, lest we trigger the cycle (wrath) of the Erostek.

Suddenly, I started laughing at the thought of the two of us trying to remain silent, our very breaths setting the box off and making him groan – repeating the cycle of shocks. Eventually, clever as we are, we found a happy medium….

I taped the microphone to my chest…. above my heart to be precise! The beat setting off the pulses, which I turned way down. Pain was now pleasure, my heart set the pace of the now very soothing and sultry beats going into his most sensitive bits. Effectively, I performed tease and denial with my pulse. Crazy as it sounds, it was A-MAZING. Especially because I can very easily control my heart rate, raising and lowering it with a slight bit of mediation. When things looks to be a bit too ‘comfortable’ – I’d sharply speak and ruin his fun.

After some very thorough enjoyment, we got to thinking about how else we might use this wonderful and highly adaptive box to absurd and pervy uses. My friend struck gold with an idea that I can’t beat (not at the moment at least).  Hook my electro box to a brain wave monitoring device and THINK your partner into a tizzy.

Let me be more clear: I can hook my brain up, very simply, very safely, and either deliver painful shocks or ultra sensual pulses anywhere I place the conductive pads just by thinking it. All I need is this little thing:

EEG SKULL CAP = Honda connects brain thoughts


Just kidding, they look more like this now.


Yeah. Beat that. You can’t….you just friggin can’t!


Of course, we both saw the potential for this to be used at home with our sexual partners:  get your partner off via thought if the box were set to the built in ‘orgasm’ setting. *muah ha ha*

In our case, we stuck to a more devious version but it was just perfect for my cruel intentions.




So that was my day. What did you do?



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2 Thoughts to “My Heart Beat Is Now An Erotic Weapon!”

  1. basilqh

    Well, here’s how I saw it from the other end of the whip 🙂

    I happened to have a chance to see Victoria Rage this week for an afternoon, with only a few days notice on my part. I sent her a note indicating my interest, along with a hint that I’d be happy to be pushed a bit in this session for personal reasons, and she replied with a deviously enticing offer of “a surprise scene (totally my whim – no details allowed)”.

    How could I resist that?

    I arrived, we said hello, she didn’t drop a single hint of her plans, and she sent me promptly into the shower to clean up. As I was toweling off, I noticed she’d left a note on the towel describing my role in the scene to come, and that the scene would begin the moment I stepped out the door of the room I was in…

    The scene was to be one she had written up on her blog a while back:

    I was to be the rebellious Spartacus-like slave who had eluded capture, and had refused offers of amnesty, hiding in the Queen’s domain for many moons by seducing and bedding the women of the land, sometimes by charm, sometimes by guile, sometimes by blackmail…. I was stepping through the door fully expecting the Queen’s own handmaiden to be my next conquest, but it was a setup, and on the other side of the door instead awaited the Queen herself, and there was no escape, guards were posted, the doors were barred…

    As I came through the door, I thought to firmly resist, but something in the Queen’s expression captivated me. I was captured, and bound tightly to a whipping post, while the angry Queen explained to me my transgressions, and what terrible fate awaited me…eventually. There was to be no chance of pardon, no mercy to be shown… Only torment, increasing in severity, ending in terrible terrible and final things. Things to serve as a warning to any who would follow me, things to bring nightmares to those who would dare oppose the Queen.

    Then began the first punishments, with floggers and whips and paddles and canes. Not gentle sensual play, but highly skilled and directed work by the Queen, giving me only enough pause now and then to keep me conscious to appreciate her artistry, and with wickedly purposeful change-ups to keep me from being able to use any of my tricks to escape into various subspaces. The Queen wanted me to be one with each blow, in the present moment.

    Which I was. I am no stranger to pain and punishment, yet I was variously howling, raging like a beast, sobbing, begging for mercy, or shrieking in agony.

    At some point, she leaned in and whispered “you know this is just the beginning, yes?” When I heard those words, she captured me completely.

    Eventually, after a very long time more, the Queen decided a different approach was in order, and moved me to her hellish spanking/penetration bench, and began to work on some now-very-vulnerable-and-exposed sensitive spots with various impact implements.

    And then…out came one of her electrostimulation boxes, and a fair number of electrodes. Which were placed in a very new way for me. Very close together, near some very sensitive and unexpected areas.

    The Queen laughingly termed what happened next “electro-rape” – fitting punishment for my having taken pleasure from so many of her subjects.. Depending on how she was using it, her device managed to recreate the feeling of being relentlessly assaulted by a fucking machine, the feeling of slowly inexorably having my prostate milked dry, the sensation of being forever on the very very edge of orgasm but unable to climax, and a few other brilliant illusions. She switched between these, wickedly and cruelly springing up to use impact instruments severely to reset my nervous system every time I got too used to the electric stimulation. She at times had her device turned all the way to maximum, and I was a complete puppet in her hands, unable to control my reactions at all.

    This went on for a very long time, until I was spent over and over, climaxes torn unwillingly (at first) from me by the Queen’s magical box, with no touch or satisfaction.

    Eventually, she decided it was time to move on to the next, far more terrifying steps, which were to take place in her horrendous medical chamber. Things that would establish to all in the land that she was not to be trifled with, in even the slightest ways. My fate was to be truly appalling, and I knew there were yet hours to go before the peace of death…

    At this moment, I was saved by a miracle. As I was unstrapped from the bench, and slowly stumbled to my feet, I was given a glass of water, and a moment to breath, to regain my senses enough to fully experience the tribulations to come. I happened to describe to the Queen some of the truly innovative effects the pad placement had produced, and she got a frighteningly delighted and thoughtful grin on her face. I luckily also picked this moment to combine my observations with perhaps a way for the Queen to rationalize keeping me alive, and whole, a bit longer…

    What happened next, V.R. wrote a blog entry about, it was simply amazing – I won’t repeat it, you can read it all here:

    I’ll summarize though – we decided to abandon the rest of the role play for the day in the pursuit of science, because frankly we are both nerds when it comes to this sort of thing, and what we’d come across was irresistibly interesting. Victoria wired me up to the electrostim box in a far more complex and comprehensive fashion, and she grabbed a small, sensitive microphone and connected that to one of the control inputs of the device, and clipped it to her lovely outfit, on the strap running across her bosom. I observed that when she did so, her own heartbeats were triggering the electrostim unit with great effectiveness….

    We paused a moment as we each thought through what that meant, and then both laughed loudly. ZOUNDS! OK, well, so the laughter triggered it too, only more so, I admitted after I removed myself from the ceiling.

    Imagine, my friends, the sensations that happen when your play partner’s heartbeat and breath can be felt, strongly, in so many different places and ways due to the pads connected to the e-stim unit. Whenever Victoria got excited, it vibrated in me. If she laughed, or I laughed or yelped… And so on.

    This is a *very* bizarre and deep type of intimacy, being wired directly to someone else’s heart… In such a way as to cause you either pain or pleasure…

    Our experimentation here gave us both many many ideas for things to try in the future, there are some absolutely incredible possibilities.

    After a *lot* of data collection, Victoria very nicely decided to perform some of her massage magic, so I would have a chance of walking again – the sensations throughout the day were very intense, and involved long periods of heavy muscle contractions, and I was pretty darned wiped out by this stage. I almost suspect the laughing alone would have done me in – this was so much fun to play with.

    I had an amazing time on this visit – such a wide range of physical and mental stimulation and discovery.

    I am again so hugely impressed with M. Rage’s ability to flow in-the-moment instead of sticking to any sort of pre-determined script, and to go instead where the energy of the moment leads, and to leave no stone unturned in the quest for discovery 🙂

    Do not fear to work with her on any level from serene to severe – she is amazingly observant, and loves to play. The key is – communicate, and be honest. She is a great teacher, and fun play partner.

    Victoria – thank you so much for this memorable afternoon! I’ve been hard at work in my Mad Scientist Lab ever since…

  2. This is truly amazing. The heartbeat, the pulse, is the human life force, and to see it used like this is absolutely incredible. Hats off to you, Miss Victoria.

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