(Role Play Fantasy) Sissy Maid Needed For English Mansion!



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You’re a young man reporting for a job interview at large country house in England.

The Mistress of the house is a young, strict disciplinarian and prefers to do all of the interviews herself instead of delegating such a task to her head housekeeper. Meeting her in her private office in the basement, the Mistress tells you that in this house her word is law and you best remember that if you want the job. You do want the job – badly – so you nod obediently. Then, to your surprise, she tells you to undress, to remove every piece of clothing right there in front of her. You hesitate for a moment and she tells you sternly to ‘look lively’. You hasten to obey, sliding out of your clothes and putting them on a nearby chair. When you’ve dropped your underpants and stand before her naked, she looks you up and down critically – to your embarrassment you feel your cock twitch and start to stiffen. She notices (of course), and despite your shock, reaches out and grabs you. Employing your best poker face, you try to keep calm during the examination, hefting your delicate bits as if assessing weight and size, then squeezing tight to make things harden up even more. With her grasp still firm on your cock, she turns you around and runs her other hand over you butt, slapping it quite hard, then pushing her fingers between the cheeks.

You gasp as a finger is eased into your unprotected backside, wriggled around a little, then inserted as far as it will go. Finally she releases and steps back. ‘Let’s see how you look in the uniform’ she says, and fetches a bundle from a shelf. It’s black stockings, lacy garter belt, and a very short French maids style dress with a very full and frilly petticoat. Some simple red stilettos complete the ensemble. She instructs you on how to roll the stockings on, telling you, ominously, that your butt will suffer if you ladder them. You hook them to the garter belt then struggle into the little dress. It barely covers your butt and your cock is pressed up into the frills of the petticoat. She looks you over, making some adjustments until she is satisfied.

‘One more thing’ she says. ‘You have to be properly stoppered.’ You have no idea what she means until she opens a desk drawer and pulls out a large butt plug. She instructs you to bend over the desk and you watch with great trepidation as she applies some kind of lubricant to the forbidding –looking tool. When satisfied it’s ready, she walks behind you, pushes up the new dress and pushes first one, then two fingers inside you. She works them around then pulls out until you feel the blunt nose of the plug being introduced. You suppress your groans as she works it in, stretching your poor orifice ever wider. Just as you think you can’t take any more she gives it a final push and it slides in past the widest part. You let out a sigh of relief. She slaps you butt again, lightly this time. ‘Good’ she says, ‘now let’s present you to the ladies.’

She leads you upstairs to meet the rest of the household ladies. They are in the living room, enjoying some tea. They are delighted to see you. At the Mistresses prodding, you approach and stand for their inspection. One gestures for you to lift your petticoats so they can get a good look at your shameful jutting cock. They seem to approve – amused. You are instructed to turn and present your butt to them as well, only they seem to think more ‘color’ can be used in the area. You are called closer so they can prod and feel you in your most intimate places. One them coyly suggests to the Mistress that they need to ‘Warm his seat up.”

The Mistress pulls you to a chair and throws you over her lap. She spanks long and hard, ignoring your squeals and just pulling you in harder as you squirm. Her thick skirts rustle beneath your straining body, making a loud rustling to accentuate your struggle. Finally once released, you manage to your feet. With a vain attempt to  rub your sore bottom your hands are quickly slapped your hands away. ‘Show the ladies the fruits of my labor’, the Mistress says. Obediently, you bend in front of them and they lean forward to inspect the glowing cheeks, poking and stroking, commenting on how nicely warm and red you are. Mistakenly, you think the worse is over, but far…..far from it. You’ve got the job….but at what cost?

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5 Thoughts to “(Role Play Fantasy) Sissy Maid Needed For English Mansion!”

  1. Rc

    Sounds great !! But at what cost. At the beginning I can tell you are looking for a young pup.
    For some of us, Just let us know how things turn out. Thank You

    1. Oh darling it’s a role play – all ages are welcome!

  2. John Black

    Where do these take place I would certainly be up for it if it is near enough to travel

  3. Velvet

    Well I’d be game to serve as a sissy maid at The English Mansion

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