New Toy Review: Vac Bed And PES Box

I don’t often find it necessary to review every new toy that comes through the dungeon, I either love what I bought or I return it and bitch about it on Twitter. Fortunately for me, every recent new arrival has been a keeper, but a couple items in particular deserve a little commentary.

Let’s start with the vac bed.

Words just can’t convey the intensity of what it’s really like to be tucked away inside, but I’ll give it a shot by saying off the bat – it’s not for the faint of heart. Some models come like this, with the face out of the bed.


See…nice and cozy!



My model, for reference, is designed for FULL enclosure and looks like this.

Mine does have a ‘cock hole’, this photo doesn’t display that.


Now, on the surface this doesn’t look like a big deal. Sure, it absolutely implies a deeper sense of helplessness for the enclosed victim, but let me tell you….once your zipped inside, the blackness of the latex cuts you off from the outside world and time seems to stand still. You become SO acutely aware of how little control you truly have at this point and all of this is before the suction begins.

With your face pressed against the air hole, your eyes are no longer able to steal away glimpses of light. That hole over your mouth becomes your survival. Of course, I’m leaving out the obvious: me standing over you with full control of the vacuum to ensure your safety: even with this, your mind already begins to play tricks on you. That hole becomes the most important thing in the world.

I turn the suction on and slowly, forcefully, the air is removed from the bed. The foreboding sense of the world closing in around you is VERY real and very very potent, but it all happens in a flash. There’s a second part of the sensory mind fuck here…. the one that keeps items like this so popular and highly sought after. The pure sensory deprivation.

Of course, by this point your thoughts quite as you acclimate to your surroundings. It forces you to accept your predicament because, very frankly, there’s nothing else you can do about it. You must either submit….or panic. Most find themselves blissfully falling into their head space, enjoying the feel of the heavy rubber caressing and hugging every inch of skin, closing out absolutely everything except the all encompassing anticipation. It can either be terrifying or glorious; and this is before I do anything to you while you’re in there.

I give this product a standing ovation.

Now, onto the PES device…

I’ve always wondered why most retailers simply don’t carry PES items in their e-stim collections. I know it’s a bit pricey but this is clearly a quality item that’s built to last…and t’s hardly the most expensive electro toy on the market. Why then, was it so illusive?

I’m fairly certain now that I have my answer, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. PES has some remarkable attachments for their power boxes and I selected 4 to get myself going on the right foot and found them all to be twisted and amusing in their diabolical design. I don’t think anyone would argue that as far as accessories go, PES might be the most creative manufacturer out there. By contrast the box is entirely underwhelming.

It puts out adequate power, but as you might expect, I demand more than just ‘adequate’.  I also don’t find there to be sufficient variations in the electrical patterns! I realize I’m spoiled by superior products, but I frankly assumed perfection, judging solely on how much thought and care they put into the attachments. So why the scathing comments? It has one basic sensation that I can deepen, speed up, slow down or intensify. That’s it. Even the drastically less expensive Zeus boxes, that you can find just about anywhere, come with more variety in the pulse patterns.

I hate to admit it, but I was disappointed. Well, I should say I was disappointed right up until I realized I could use the PES attachments with my Erostek power box!!!!! Now there’s an interesting revelation. I can use the best electrical accessories on the planet with the most powerful and sophisticated box on the market. Oh yessss…..

(Basil did you hear that?)

Of course, I’ll still use the PES box as a great portable device. It absolutely has a place in my dungeon, just not as prominently as anticipated.


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6 Thoughts to “New Toy Review: Vac Bed And PES Box”

  1. William Shakespeare

    I too have found the the PES equipment to be lacking mistress. The box is definitely a disappointment – I found it to be underpowered; although perhaps that is because of it’s very limited settings (one can get used to a given setting very quickly!).
    The intensity and pulse frequency can be varied – but I seem to always want to crank up the intensity to highest and it never seems high enough. There are two channels – but they seemed linked together. If one simultaneously uses the first channel for an anal attachment and the other for a urethral toy they when both are “on” the anal feeling isn’t nearly strong enough and the urethal is crazy strong – very frustrating. Also – although they have a clever attachment design, the wire connection point on the anal plug eventually failed rendering it useless.

  2. park10602

    That toy really makes me nervous Mistress. I have a question Mistress what is sounding and how does it effect the person it’s being done on? I came across it on the web and got really excited just watching it……

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  3. Hello Mistress Rage,

    Great review! I found your blog on Femdom Resource and I am enjoying your writing.
    We have a vac bed in my dungeon and I’ve been in it myself. It’s a very weird, particular sensation. I like tight bondage, so I enjoy it. My favorite part is feeling the rubber closing in around me.

    Thanks for blogging. I’m going to read your archives now.

    Miss Margo

  4. I’ve recently had the chance to try a vac bed, and unfortunately freaked out a little before we got to the stage of turning it on. I think it was more to do with the mouthpiece and some difficulty keeping it in place to breathe, as it’s a fully enclosed one like the one you posted, just with a small tube that you poke through the hole and into the mouth.

    I strangely think a hood with a breathing tube attached to it, or a gag with breathing tube would solve the issue surprisingly well. Going to try it with a snorkel next time, and if that works well, get a hood to use with it.

    1. Actually darling I came across the same issues myself with the breathing hole!

      My solution was to cut the hole slightly larger and use a breather gag w/tube as you mention OR a long line of aquarium tubing depending on my visitors preference!

      I think a snorkel would be a good choice as well so long as the mouth piece doesn’t clamp too hard on the gums when the suction begins!

      1. Sorry for commenting on an old post, just wanted to say that having now conquered my fear of vac beds… wow. Awesome! 😀

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