6 comments on “New Toy Review: Vac Bed And PES Box

  1. I too have found the the PES equipment to be lacking mistress. The box is definitely a disappointment – I found it to be underpowered; although perhaps that is because of it’s very limited settings (one can get used to a given setting very quickly!).
    The intensity and pulse frequency can be varied – but I seem to always want to crank up the intensity to highest and it never seems high enough. There are two channels – but they seemed linked together. If one simultaneously uses the first channel for an anal attachment and the other for a urethral toy they when both are “on” the anal feeling isn’t nearly strong enough and the urethal is crazy strong – very frustrating. Also – although they have a clever attachment design, the wire connection point on the anal plug eventually failed rendering it useless.

  2. That toy really makes me nervous Mistress. I have a question Mistress what is sounding and how does it effect the person it’s being done on? I came across it on the web and got really excited just watching it……

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  3. Hello Mistress Rage,

    Great review! I found your blog on Femdom Resource and I am enjoying your writing.
    We have a vac bed in my dungeon and I’ve been in it myself. It’s a very weird, particular sensation. I like tight bondage, so I enjoy it. My favorite part is feeling the rubber closing in around me.

    Thanks for blogging. I’m going to read your archives now.

    Miss Margo

  4. I’ve recently had the chance to try a vac bed, and unfortunately freaked out a little before we got to the stage of turning it on. I think it was more to do with the mouthpiece and some difficulty keeping it in place to breathe, as it’s a fully enclosed one like the one you posted, just with a small tube that you poke through the hole and into the mouth.

    I strangely think a hood with a breathing tube attached to it, or a gag with breathing tube would solve the issue surprisingly well. Going to try it with a snorkel next time, and if that works well, get a hood to use with it.

    • Actually darling I came across the same issues myself with the breathing hole!

      My solution was to cut the hole slightly larger and use a breather gag w/tube as you mention OR a long line of aquarium tubing depending on my visitors preference!

      I think a snorkel would be a good choice as well so long as the mouth piece doesn’t clamp too hard on the gums when the suction begins!

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