Wanted: Fresh Meat

It’s been a long hard Summer…

A swell of Seattle tourists, seasonal submissives and a parade of endurance style scenes – often breaking the 8 hour mark, had left me in a bit of a post Summer pant. The last season was like taking on a tidal wave and being left standing in the calm wake with my pulse still racing. I loved it,  I’d dare say that I even thrived off of it, but it’s a stark contrast when the yearly “October lull” takes over. Traveling visitors who dominant my schedule go back to lives as they know it elsewhere and my local playmates settle in with their annual flu – right on schedule.

I’ve caught my breath… but now, I’m back to feeling ravenous.

A previous post I made offered a casual welcome to new visitors. I haven’t been able to open my schedule up new faces lately due to simple time constraints, but now is the perfect time to officially put myself out there and make that opportunity known.

If you’re new to BDSM and pondering what personal evolution a scene with me might stir up, it’s time to indulge your curiosity! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m a very open minded and versatile Top and tend to adjust my style to the needs of each individual visitor.There’s no need to come to me with an expectation of what our scene should be like, just keep a open mind and let’s see were the flow of things takes us.

To assuage some typical first time fears; I’ll tell you up front that I don’t require my visitors to enjoy pain, desire marks or even have experience. Novices are entirely welcome, as are those who may have a bit of play already under their belt.

Of course, if you’ve been playing for YEARS and prefer a high intensity scenario – I’m game for that too. Variety is the spice of life after all!

I’ll be available during the Fall months from 11am-11pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Advance planning is highly preferred but same day scenes are occasionally possible so never hesitate to ask! Double and triple Domme scenes are also readily available for more expansive and multifaceted encounters.

Come find your place: www.victorarage.com

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