Happy (Early) Halloween!


Dearest Seattle Boys,

Since I’ll be otherwise engaged when the time comes, I wanted to be sure to wish you a very Happy and Hellacious Halloween! I genuinely hope you all find a way to enjoy the day of debauchery and indulge your inner demons to their fullest!

Just in case you do’t get a chance to fully satiate your wicked side, I’m welcoming advance bookings (today and tomorrow) for my return from Portland, November 6th and beyond.

While I’m very much looking forward to reconnecting with my PDX perverts, some that I haven’t seen in several years, my heart really is here in my ‘home’ dungeon! I’ll miss you while I’m gone this coming week, truly I will!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few things to look forward to since I always come back baring gifts! Just as soon as I step back into my studio, I’ll have a brand new blog post about The Sub-Sub Couple Dynamic and a slew of new photos from my recent shoot at Spectrum House Studios! I had such a blast that day and it really shows in the images, I just can’t wait to share.

Lastly, I’ve received a shipping update from Metal Bound and it looks like my new cage bed and metal St George’s Chair will be shipping out next Monday! I can already tell November is going to be pretty action packed.

I’ll catch you all when I get back!




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