More New Photos & Year End Updates !

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I admit it, I’ve been avoiding my blog like a bad ex lately. I’d say I was sorry, but it’s been a nice break to set this on the back burner while I take care of some other neglected facets of my Domme life.

Speaking of, for those who have asked about it, I was all geared up to present an awesome post about the Sub-Sub dynamic (a partnership where both individuals are submissive) and even based it off of a couple I recently helped with this conflict. Unfortunately, since exploring outside their typical comfort dynamic is a new experience for them, they’ve paused their permission for me to publish my write up.  I entirely understand and respect their caution, especially sine they’d like to have a success story for a contribution to conclude my entry. Here’s wishing them the best of luck! I can’t wait to see how their experimentation turns out for them.

For the time being, I’ll update you boys a bit on all the tidbits that typically get posted in rapid fire on Twitter so as not to overwhelm you all with constant short blog posts.

First and foremost, I’ve dyed my hair red but I will NOT be keeping it this way.

It was an impulse and isn’t very noticeable in the red lighting of my dungeon, but until Monday, this is what I’ll look like.

(except I won’t appear as a make up free selfie taken right before my shower)


I’ll be going back to deep brunette with dark copper streaks on the 19th, so if you miss my raven tresses, don’t fret! But, if you happen to find my comic book character look appealing, you can still be ensnared and tormented by the seductive red headed version of me until Nov 16th!

Also, a little note about the cage bed and metal St George’s chair I’m having built by Metal Bound.

These items were supposed to have been received over a month ago, but as is typical with kink manufacturers, production is going much slower than promised. I was informed everything would ship last Monday but never got a tracking number, all I can say is that I anticipate the arrival ‘soon-ish’.  Oddly enough, I’m having no issues being patient for the arrival of these two dynamic pieces, but as soon as they come in, I’m going to be positively relentless in wanting to break them in. Prepare yourselves!

Last but not least, I’m going on a true vacation at the end of the year! I’m sure most of you will be distracted anyway, but from December 22th to January 2nd, I’ll be off the radar entirely. I will not be traveling but I will be unreachable so I can slip into the holiday spirit and catch up with friends. If any of your hear of any review board parties or other kinky holiday events going on during this period, please let me know. I need go get out of the dungeon a bit more and this is the perfect time to start. I think that’ll be my New Year’s resolution in fact.

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5 Thoughts to “More New Photos & Year End Updates !”

  1. Ray

    Oh wow. I would love to see your red hair. Do you have time available this Saturday?

    1. I do as a matter of fact! Just give me a call to schedule when you’re ready to discuss those details!

  2. Michael

    Hello Ms. Rage

    I just want to say that picture at the top of the post may be the best picture of you ever. You look beyond sexy and alluring

  3. William Shakespeare

    And I love your kitty too. 🙂 I have four myself.

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