Repost: Triple Penetraion Scene!

I’m back from my Thanksgiving vacation and oh how have I missed you naughty boys! It’s amazing how much a nice bit of rest can really amp up your imagination, unfortunately that’s only been in the form of session ideas instead of blog topics. While we’re staring down the last month of the year, I can’t help but notice my focus turning away from this blog while I set my sights on what matters most to me: connecting with lovely regulars and enjoying their kinky company.

I intend to resume my writings in full force (and then some) beginning in January, but for now, I wanted to offer a repost of one of my most popular entries to date. Since it’s a bit old, I hope this comes as new material for some of you! Written 3 years ago at the spur of the moment, my infamous triple penetration scene!



Anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with me, knows I have a fondness for penetrating…I’ve donned my strap on more times than I can begin to count, forcibly shoved my plastic cock collection down many a quivering throat – and now, have realized in one beautiful moment this morning, that I can indeed penetrate a man in 3 ways simultaneously. Think about it for a minute…see if you can figure out how before I tell you…

So here is is….69 position…he lies bound to the floor, limbs spread eagle, waiting to open up and accept my insertions… I hover above him, head to genital, genital to head…I begin my lowering my strap on into his mouth, he is required to suckle my thick extension while I slip a well lubed equally thick dildo straight into his awaiting asshole… From here, I require him to use his muscles to hold the dildo inside himself while I ready the final piece of my “violation puzzle”… a sterile, frozen urethral sound. I begin gently, encouraging the round edge into the head of his shrinking cock, but despite his sudden shock of sensation, the sound slips easily into his body – stopping about half way down. I watch intently as it glides easily inside of him staying fixed on the shivering boy beneath me.

Now that this little slave is filled in every way possible, I leave the sound in place and begin ramming his tight ass with my thick – realistic dildo. Of course for good measure I sync the penetration of my strap on into his mouth with the rocking of my insertable below….

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Don’t worry casual visitors, if you’re curious or aching to have this treatment for yourself – all you need to do is ask… doing this just once isn’t going to cut it for me.


And 3 years later, doing it hundreds of times hasn’t been enough for me either.

Who’s Game?


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  1. Tm


    Amazing!!! Spine Shivering and Tingling AMAZING!!!

    Seattle is now on my bucket list … and not for the football!!!

    Keep up the great work, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

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