No Rest For The Wicked

Yeah, so it’s pretty obvious that I’ve had a busy kick off to the year. After that little break I took for Christmas, my engines were revving to get back to the swing of things and unveil some little secrets I’ve been keeping up my sleeve. A new playmate, new furniture, new role plays and now I’m working on a brand new website! Of course, the address will remain the same, so don’t fret my lovelies, you already know where to find me.

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I’ve long been the designer of my own content and without any formal training or education in such things, it’s a labor that an obsessive person like me devotes FAR more time to then necessary. Time I’d rather spend exploring my passions or simply languishing in the company of friends. ¬†I’ll be working in collaboration with a professional developer who will create something unique, elegant, more user friendly, and with FAR more options: videos, mailing list, larger clickable gallery and perhaps even a little area for ‘members only’.

Naturally, I will still be the author of every word published, but having an easier interface to streamline things will allow me to focus on more inspirational tasks.

Speaking of inspirational tasks, I’m beginning to count the days before Spring, when I will be offering outdoor play for those who’d like to explore a little debauchery in a natural setting. I’ve always envisioned having a small play space shrouded privacy with tall evergreens, wind blowing and glimmers of sun peeking through. There’s no more beautiful opposing composition than the feeling of freedom in the open air while being tightly bound and toyed with.

And how lovely is it that in such scenery, there’s an abundance of places to restrain?! I do have one scene idea in mind that sticks out… a lonely man out camping in the clearing just before nightfall, his campfire glowing, his mind at peace – trees rustling in the wind. Perhaps rustling a bit too much…. He ignores any thoughts of approaching danger to lay down for a peaceful nap, when suddenly he’s woken up to a disturbing site; a militaristicly dressed woman, rope in hand and a wild glow in her eyes.

“You’re all alone out here aren’t you boy”, she asks coyly. “I’m sure no one will hear your screams….”Tree

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