A Personal Relationship with a Pro Domme

There are many types of people who darken my door step, and their intentions can be divided in many facets. But, when it comes down to it, I find there are two main groups of visitors I come to make a fond acquaintance with…
1)Those who are looking for some ‘no strings attached’ kinky play
2) Those who crave something deeper and prefer a monogamous d/s relationship with a Dominatrix.
The former is incredibly fun. Sporadic and intense visits that serve to scratch an itch or add some spice to the day for both of us are just lovely! There isn’t too much beyond our time together, but it’s that very spontaneity that makes it so enjoyable.
The latter is what this post is really about; those who want a Mistress, a dominant woman they can dedicate themselves to, or at least a part of themselves to.
Most of the time, when such suitors come forward with those hopes, it’s coupled with a deep fear that they will be flat out rejected. What Pro Domme really needs a personal submissive? Don’t we get enough kink at work?
Well, let me tell you…. the lifestyle ones are going to need something a little more personal.
I get my kicks every day, sure, it’s great and I’m often left totally satisfied by letting my imagination run wild all day in the dungeon. However, you are neglecting one important factor: most pro Dommes are service Tops to a certain degree.
We spend a considerable amount of time tailoring sessions to each particular client, which we will ultimately also enjoy, but is it what we would have done if you said you wanted your scene to consists of whatever kinks your Mistress wants? ,,,,,and ONLY what she wants? Honestly, it may turn out a little differently.
Personally, I’ve woken up on many a day and had my mind set on something different then what my schedule called for. Did it make me enjoy those day’s scenes any less? Hell No!!! But, I did look forward to my next opportunity to unleash whatever pent up desires were rampant in my brain.
Personal slaves, submissives, pets and partners are wildly important in the world of a Lifestyle Mistress. They provide a much needed balance.
I have many levels of ownership in my life and since so many people are curious about such a thing, or actively inquiring, I’ll give you a little peek into what those deviations from the typical Pro Dom/client relationship looks like.
Clients/Suitors: This is the very basic level of a relationship. These individuals I may see only once or whenever the mood strikes them and it is simply because we have compatible interests and schedules. They like what I offer and how I look doing it while I’m offering it. It’s terribly fun, but intentionally impersonal, in this scenario I am simply their facilitator of kink.
Pets: A little more serious, this group is the majority. They are regular visitors who may see me as well as a few other ladies. When in my studio, they very much belong to me and our scenes are a mash up of what we’re both interested in. I’d say outside of our sessions, I do think of them often; and fondly, but I am not a part of their daily lives.
Submissives: This circle is a bit narrower, you’d say that I am their Domina, they serve or visit no other. They carry on a life outside my dungeon, but are often tasked with certain requirements to carry out in my name. They have certain life goals they must achieve in my honor – for their betterment – and devote their time in my studio to satisfying whatever wants or needs I may have.  Often times, my desire will be to make sure they are well taken care of and all their interests are indulged, but they leave this choice to me. As they are mine, these dear boys may bare non permanent ownership marks or may be required to wear certain jewelry items that are person between us as a symbolic reminder of our dynamic.
Collared slaves: I have two such lovely beings. While it may be a bit cliche, I use the word “slave”  very carefully and deliberately. In both cases, they have devoted themselves to me as a woman, a Mistress and as a Professional. They live their lives with a constant thought of whether or not their actions would please me. 100% devoted to me as their Woman, this is the most intense and entangled I can be with someone in a D/s capacity. I am not a hidden part of their life either: this is a real life open relationship.
While all of these various categories exist for me, this is not a guide that could be used with any other Mistress, this is simply my view as it relates to my reality.  I happen to be an incredibly possessive woman; anyone who has met me in the flesh would say that it is one of my defining qualities. My desire to control, own, and dominate someone, mind body and spirit is what makes me such a natural dominatrix… And the amount of personal “self “I bring to the dungeon with me, is incredibly evident, making those who desire such control, feel comfortable and safe under my guidance.
With that said, I know how many of you may want to know how I see our relationship and where you may stand, especially as the years tick on in our dynamic. My hope is that this sheds a bit of light…but truthfully, if nothing more, my point is that you can absolutely have a more personal relationship with a professional Dominatrix! Just because you compensate for her time and contribute to the lifestyle, toys, clothing, and space she uses to fulfill her fantasies and yours, doesn’t take away from the amount of personal emotion she may pour into your time together.
While I might be a true professional on the surface, I am personally never more complete than when I’m looking into someone’s eyes and they tell me point blank that they are mine to take over…

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3 Thoughts to “A Personal Relationship with a Pro Domme”

  1. piggiefilth

    As always elucidating and this time timely.
    Service and mental time spent by You Goddess surely must go against the giving of the ‘sub’. Is there a formula ballpark for the giving of Your mental space?

  2. Lady Victoria
    there are also some men who like you for you People, Women. Lady with or without D / s
    men whose life is submission without jealousy 24/7 with a real dominant woman
    the french word lover is also sometimes true, since I am already here some time or other websites, I love your faço say of thinking and acting, and yes sometimes I smile Lady because you remind me a lot my wife once before it is deceased
    I know I’m a French man who is very far from you, but I love you, this is so
    your humble servant

    Lady Victoria
    il y a aussi quelques hommes qui vous aime pour vous la Personne , la Femme .la Lady avec ou sans D/s
    les hommes dont la vie est la soumission sans jalousie 24/ 7 avec une reel femme dominante
    le mot french lover est aussi parfois vrai , je vous suis depuis deja quelques temps ici ou sur d’autre web sites , j’aime beaucoup votre faço de dire de pensée et d’agir et parfois oui Lady je sourie car vous me rappelez beaucoup ma femme jadis avant que celle soit decede
    je sais que je suis un homme français qui est trés loin de chez vous , mais je vous adore , cela est ainsi
    votre humble serviteur

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