Counting the days until closing….


Just as predicted, everything is perfectly on track for the closing date of my new place, as well as the subsequent packing and moving of all my worldly possessions. As the days tick on and the deadline gets closer, my excitement level is rising ever higher, to the point where I’ve been spending every free moment picking paint colors and mentally arranging the placement of my dungeon furniture…not to mention, contemplating some new purchases and a photo shoot! (We’ll see – please don’t email me with suggestions)


I’m just wanting to keep you boys in the loop that things are going according to plan, and to formally remind everyone that the very last day to see me in my current studio will be March 25th, just 9 days left! Admittedly, I do have very limited availability, but there are a few open spots for one last hurrah in the place you’ve come to love.


I plan to be unpacked and ready for sessions beginning Tuesday the 8th for the general masses, and yes, this is a firm time frame you can count on if you’d like to book in advance – which I encourage.


Training pets or submissives will be able to book some time with me from the 5th on, so I can get a feel for the new layout and break in my space in style. I do realize this is contrary to my typical schedule, but given the circumstances, I’m making the exception.


Lastly, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your well wishes, support, congratulations and tributes. I can’t possibly tell you how easy you have all made this transition for me. It’s been a very stressing issue to coordinate all of this, but your emotional backing, patience and flexibility has helped enormously. Not to mention those of you who have literally brought me Lowes cards, taken chunks out of my amazon list or straight up offered to help in the moving, lawn moving, or other domestic duties that come along with the deal. Who else could possibly be so lucky?


If any of you are still hoping to help in some capacity, I could always use it! My Wish List is still riddled with domestic and kinky wants/needs that would be a very welcome addition to my household.


I’ll keep you boys posted as things start to get set up, but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze out one more blog post before I fall off the grid for a bit. Here’s looking forward to welcoming you all to the new play space next month!


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