Black, White and Red All Over…..

The life of a Pro Domme is never dull…

I’m just about settled into my new space and with that, I’ve been pouring all of my energy into the scenes I was so looking forward to during this process. It’s amazing what taking 2 weeks off can do to someone like me. In a sense, it was pure bliss achieving a massive life goal, but in another sense, it was outright torture. Until I had the dungeon set up, being without a place to play filled me with this overpowering feeling of instability. Like I was somehow without somewhere I belong. I know it’s odd, the world is my playground but it was a sharp realization in how linked BDSM, and more importantly my dungeon, is to my sense of self and stability.

Now that everything is in place, I’ve been indulging myself (and many others) in all the tricks and treat’s I’d been anxiously awaiting.

The flavor of the month this time around really seems to be predicament bondage! After all these years I still seem to gravitate on some sort of unknown cycle in and out of favorite themes. Apparently, right now I just can’t get enough impossibly tight restrictions and compromising predicaments!

Here’s a little recap from a scene I did not too long ago…I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


DSC00196 DSC00198 DSC00195 DSC00258 DSC00251 DSC00250 DSC00248 DSC00247 DSC00201 DSC00203 DSC00207 DSC00218


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  1. Mena VanDrozer

    Wow! I have so much to learn. Your blog is really helpful, Thank you

    Mistress Mena VanDrozer

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