I Need Your Help Boys: Website Woes!

I hate to double down on posts, but today I’m doing the same thing I do every few months…..staring at my website and wondering what (if anything) could be improved. (www.victoriarage.com)

If you’re familiar with me, you know I had a pretty extensive corner of the web that I designed and controlled until about 6 months ago when I handed the aesthetics over to a company I had long adored. Now, I don’t like it….

It could just be me, I nitpick and over think things to an absurd degree, but the clean lines and minimized informational pieces have me thinking I want to revert back to the old version where I have total control and as many pages of text/photos as I’d like.


So….my dear boys who know what my last website looks like well enough to compare against this one…..


Which do you prefer?

I swear, your help is 100% and totally welcome…



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6 Thoughts to “I Need Your Help Boys: Website Woes!”

  1. John

    pity I only just discovered you thus sadly not able to comment, but I would think you’d prefer control over it

  2. Mistress Lauren

    I think your website is perfect as it is! But I noticed a typo in the FAQ section where you answer the question about preparing for appointments. You say “A shower beforehand is required, but I do have one available if you need to freshen up.” I assume you meant to say, a shower beforehand is NOT required. Just a helpful tip (I would want someone to notify me of that sort of thing so I thought I’d let you know!) 🙂

  3. PSKcoug

    The old website is much better. I agree with an earlier comment about the ability to see some of the drop down menus that are covered by the title.

  4. I think the new site looks clean and very professional.

    I have some concerns about the way the site responds to search engine crawls. You may be losing some clients to others who have sites that are better optimized for Google and Bing.

    Also, you’re exceptionally prolific on your blog. In my opinion, these content-rich blog posts should be attached to your main site, instead of linked. Then the attention you get on here would be focused on your professional site.

    Finally, I think a site that is not easily and regularly updated is useless. Also, more is ALWAYS better! Particularly in the realm of a professional dominatrix. So, even if the new site looks nice, your instincts on including more stuff are right on target.

    Dream hard,
    – Dirk

    1. Dirk,

      That is exactly the input I needed…. and thank you as well for the incredibly kind words!
      I’ll get started on reverting back to the way things were! Oddly enough, I couldn’t be more excited about it.

      With Gratitude,

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