5 comments on “GoPro or No Go?

  1. From a geeky I-work-in-a-camera-store point of view, I’d recommend the Sony AS100V over the GoPro cameras… Sharper lens, better audio, better performance in low light – Sony make seriously good sensors and all that.

    And some proof here –

    I always thought an action cam mounted on a flogger handle would be seriously entertaining to watch, hehe.

    — The Half Heard

  2. Dear Lady Victoria – this sounds like a wonderful idea – especially the subjective cameraview (top or bottom – or both, eventually composed together) is a new point of view – which is completely different to standard porn. It would be a more documentary video – eventually even filmed in black and white only – i would go for it if i was Your sub 😉

  3. mon humble est bien d’accord il est pas facile de faire des photos lors de sessios de jeux , go pro peut etre oui je ne connais pas vraiment l’appareil mais a en vir les photos sur internet comme les petites videos cela me semble bien
    a essayer en base lumiere mais attention a faire des mouvements lents car beaucoups d’images floues
    grand bien a vous Lady Victoria
    votre humble serviteur

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