Vacation Notice: I’m headed to Sunny Florida


Dearest Readers and Pervy Playmates,

If you saw my Twitter post this morning, I’m sure you noticed that I’ve announced the unannouncable; yes I, Victoria Rage, will be getting on an airplane.

Perhaps this is no big deal for most people, but air travel is my one big NO in life. I’ll do some pretty questionable things but voluntarily getting into a small metal airborne tube isn’t of them. But, when your grandparents formally ask you to come visit – well, even I can’t say no to that (and I’ve tried).

So, I’ll be packing my bags and leaving the lovely Mistress Isla Ablaze to watch my home, dungeon and pets while I spend a few days slathered in sunscreen and trying not to talk much about ‘work’ with family.

What this means for you lovelies who see me for play dates; I’ll be available through September up to Sunday the 14th. After that, I will be back and excepting appointments from September 20th onwards.

It’s not a terribly long vacation, just a week really, but those of you who see me weekly or biweekly will want to touch base with me so we can retool some of our timing.

Also, since air travel is something I care to do about as much as going to the DMV or changing a flat tire, I will need an enormous amount of stimulation before I leave and after I get back. Those of you with high tolerances, impressive amounts of energy or open minds are especially encouraged to book your visit near my departure or arrival days.

I will so desperately need the release….

Ok Ft Lauderdale, here I come…


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One Thought to “Vacation Notice: I’m headed to Sunny Florida”

  1. Your humble pet

    Have a grand time Mistress. And please do take excellent care for your beautiful skin while out in the hot Floridian sun. I wish I could be there to ensure your exposed skin has full coverage of your chosen sunscreen and to soothe any redness that may appear should I miss a spot.

    Bon voyage dearest Mistress!

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