Florida, Family and The Future!

Where do I even start?

Well, first of all I’ve been back in the delectable and cozy confines of my dungeon for nearly a week and I’m just now starting to feel purged of my post vacation energy. Two weeks sans play really threw me off, but I was very fortunate to have a line of volunteers in my path to help satisfy my urges.

As for the trip itself, well…it was no secret that I was VERY uncomfortable about flying. I’m not sure where my aviphobia started, but somewhere in my 20’s I decided that I’d rather pull out a few teeth with rusty pliers then step foot on an aircraft; but I’ll be damned if I was going to miss my grandmother’s 87th birthday! She’s one of the few people on this earth I can do ANYTHING for.

My flight turned out to be the sum of all fears; turbulence, lightening, a very hard landing and a little motion sickness for good measure, but as a person who once spent a solid week driving from Ft Lauderdale to the PNW, it was worth a little terror to get clear across the country in half a day. I was able to shake it all off quick, excitement for the upcoming festivities was a perfect distraction.
Seeing my  family was amazing, and naturally it was a much needed reconnection. I tried to capture a few choice moments, but who can really remember their camera when they’re having a great time? I did however try to take photos with all 8 of my mother’s collection of cats….some were more cooperative than others.

photo 4

Aside from being with my loved ones for a while, I was able to revisit some old haunts that I’ve dearly missed namely, The Fetish Factory!

The moment I stepped into the store, my lungs were filled with that sweet and sultry scent of polished latex, and as you can tell from the photos – they had a TON of it strewn about the store. I walked away with a few articles of clothing and a toy or two; cursing myself the while time for not bringing a larger suitcase! I could have bought everything in there, though I admit I own a good portion of their stock, it was still a complete ‘kid in a candy store’ moment.

l l (1)

Seriously, why does this store not have a Seattle location?


Anyway, after all the shopping, sight seeing and more dinners in fancy restaurants then one should have in a week, it was time to return home and once again face my nemesis….. a Boeing 737.


I stepped on board my evening flight to find I had a whole row to myself! I calmed down instantly and melted into my seat as I experienced the smoothest return flight EVER. It was so clam I was even able to take advantage of the in flight meal; I’ll spare the airline food joke, but as I had prepared to be queasy, I skipped lunch and dinner – so a tasteless cheeseburger a 30,000 feet was a godsend. I sat back in comfort, looking as stylish as one can look in a massive neck pillow and no make up, but it was a pretty sweet set up!


photo 1

And the view wasn’t too bad either!

photo 2

Being more relaxed really opened me up to the possibility of what was happening; for a small fee, I was mid air – headed whenever I wanted, unhindered and with relative ease. I could do this……again.

By the time I landed, I had amassed a list of places I wanted to go and the courage to actually take the trips I’d longs to experience for years.

Who would have ever imagined my worst nightmare would turn into the most freeing experience of my life? Not me!

Next stop….


Thanksgiving in California; because…..I can!








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