You’ll Never Know Virtue Until Your First Acquaint Yourself With Vice – Marquis De Sade



I’ve never been able to withstand temptation….not now, not ever.

Over the years, I’ve attempted to be more self disciplined, to learn the virtues of patience and restraint; but obviously my ‘wants’ trump the merits of virtue every time.

When it comes to getting my way, I’m an unstoppable force, and I don’t mean that in a cute, flirtatious way. I’m a predator and I absolutely dare you to stand between me and the object of my desire.

If you’ve met me in the flesh, you’re probably shaking your head and mumbling. ‘no shit Sherlock’….but hopefully you’re doing that with a knowing grin on your face and a mind full of rather filthy memories. Sure, all of this is lovely when you’re a Domina by trade and a lifestyle Mistress by night, you become rather accustom to having your every want or need fully indulged by either yourself or those who live to serve.

But what about you?

Yes YOU.

When was the last time you set your sights on something and decided you absolutely had to have it – then went out and just fucking took it?

How often to you really give yourself a little reward because you work  hard, because you’re constantly straining yourself for others or because every now and then you just need the universe to cut you a break?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The thing about temptation is that sometimes it’s good to give in….reeeeaaalllly good.

With the intensity of Summer behind us and the madness of the holiday’s on the horizon, I offer a little challenge for all of you.


I want you to say YES to the things you want without hesitation; just for a day. Eat naughty food, take a day off of work, buy yourself a little something special, have a good hard mind blowing orgasm then pour yourself some scotch and remind yourself that denial is only worth a damn if there’s a sweet reward to cap it off.


Promise you’ll do this for me dear pets; indulge yourself in all ways, for a full day….and think of me.


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