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  1. I signed up for your posts over a year ago and have always appreciated them. You do a great job with your emails. You’re very articulate and sincere.

    So I moved to portland. I would love to come in for a session as I go to Seattle frequently. I have a sub in training in Portland. But truthfully, I have a sub side too. Just never explored.

    I’m independently wealthy these days so affordability is not an issue. I would love to schedule a session. I’m not confident in articulating a scene but have full confidence in you blowing my idea out of the water.

    I’m fairly free every other week as I’m a dad week on week off.

    I would love to schedule a session!

    With admiration, Cooper

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    • Cooper,

      I appreciate your comment. It certainly is amusing to know you had Disney staff tailing you while you’re simply wandering around seeing the sights. I’m sure that vision will pop into my head a time or two as I traverse the Mickey-verse on my own little trip.

      That aside, by all means, feel free to contact me through my website or booking line if you’d like to explore your submissive side. I’ve helped novices on more occasions then I could recount and it’d be entirely my pleasure to help you as well.


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