Feeding My Current Travel Obsession….


I’ve talked a lot lately about my recent trip to Florida and how it’s left me completely smitten with the idea of  relaxation and travel. Well, like all things I get excited about, I tend to jump in head first.

Truthfully, with my life revolving mostly around BDSM, I’ve let this entire decade pass by and barely took a chance to come up for air. I’ve got no complaints, but it’s definitely time for me to go out and see some sights.

I’ll be embarking on a new life experience over the next year, appropriately called My Year Of Travel, and let me put you at ease right off the bat; I’m not about to start taking copious amounts of time off. You boys know how much I struggle when I’m forced to go kink free for more then a few days so parish the thought! I’ve been in Seattle long enough to know when the slow times are, so instead of  puttering around the dungeon wishing I had someone to torment, I’ll be jetting off  for an extended weekends here and there. Easy as pie. So, what’s on the agenda?

First on the checklist, Disney World in California!


Being a Florida girl, I’ve been to the original in Orlando more times then I can count. Seriously, when it’s only a 3 hour drive from home, residents of the Sunshine State find themselves donning their mouse ears at least 3-4 times year. It’s almost a mindless thing we do, naturally gravitating towards the Epcot Ball like it’s some sort of black hole sucking up our vacation days.  Since this will be my first vacation I’ll be flying to (and no, visiting family didn’t count), I’m sticking with something that has a flair of my home town!

Consider this notice that I’ll be unavailable from November 22-25th; but you’ll all be busy prepping for Turkey Day anyway!

After that, I’ll be heading back to Orlando and taking some of my family (and hopefully friends) with me!

Now I know what you’re thinking; back to back Disney? How masochistic!

Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, but honestly I can only visit the South during the cooler months, so while the sun is tucked away a bit, I’m seizing the opportunity.

Besides, I have to admit, it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve stepped foot in Orlando, I’m very curious to see how it’s changed…..and whether or not I can still grab dinner at that weird Medieval jousting restaurant.

Sure it might be a little campy, but I like a little aggression with my dinner!


 For this trip, I’ll be unavailable from January 10th-15th

Last but not least, I’m debating between Hershey Spa in Pennsylvania or the New Orleans French Quarter.

I’ve never been so torn on a decision in my life!

Hershey Spa boasts a world class hotel with impeccable room service and a Chocolate Spa! Yes, CHOCOLATE SPA. Two things I love most in the world, chocolate and being thoroughly pampered.


That could be me….spending a couple hours first at the hotel bar, then being smeared in delicious hot chocolate.

Why would I want this you ask? Because…..just because.


But on the other hand, I’m a HUGE fan of the paranormal. It’s always been fascinating to me and I’m positively addicted to all those Ghost Hunter/Haunted/Dead Files shows that certain networks can’t seem to break away from.

In my hypothetical trip to Louisiana, I’d be staying at the Myrtles Plantation; if you don’t know about this place – just Google it. Go ahead, I’ll wait….



So yeah, it’s incredibly haunted and frankly, absolutely gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want to spend a few nights here?


 While spending my nights investigating every bump or creak I hear, my days would consist of wandering around aimless through the French Quarter. A girl could lose herself in an area like this…


 I’ll be agonizing over my choices while simultaneously being overjoyed that this is the worst predicament on my plate.

This time around though, I’ll do a much better job of posting photos of my travels and hitting up any and every BDSM store within a 50 mile radius of my destination.

I’ll be searching far and wide for things to bring home to you boys, and I’ll keep you thoroughly posted on each treasure I come across.

One last little side note in closing…

These will NOT be work trips, not yet at least, though I am feeling an urge to perhaps visit some major cities for a few days to experience some of the famous dungeons in New York, San Fran and LA.

All of these destinations will be for my pleasure and relaxation; a little shift in my own paradigm! Besides, you know how amped up I get after some time off!

That said, I know some of you really enjoy contributing to my personal indulgences and if anyone was so inclined, I’d be thoroughly grateful for Alaska Air or Virgin Airlines gift cards, Hilton HHonors gift cards or Enterprise Rental Car gift certificates. Naturally, none of that is necessary, just always appreciated.

Here’s looking forward to an eventful few months for all of us!!!

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2 Thoughts to “Feeding My Current Travel Obsession….”

  1. Cooper

    I signed up for your posts over a year ago and have always appreciated them. You do a great job with your emails. You’re very articulate and sincere.

    So I moved to portland. I would love to come in for a session as I go to Seattle frequently. I have a sub in training in Portland. But truthfully, I have a sub side too. Just never explored.

    I’m independently wealthy these days so affordability is not an issue. I would love to schedule a session. I’m not confident in articulating a scene but have full confidence in you blowing my idea out of the water.

    I’m fairly free every other week as I’m a dad week on week off.

    I would love to schedule a session!

    With admiration, Cooper

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    1. Cooper,

      I appreciate your comment. It certainly is amusing to know you had Disney staff tailing you while you’re simply wandering around seeing the sights. I’m sure that vision will pop into my head a time or two as I traverse the Mickey-verse on my own little trip.

      That aside, by all means, feel free to contact me through my website or booking line if you’d like to explore your submissive side. I’ve helped novices on more occasions then I could recount and it’d be entirely my pleasure to help you as well.


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