Holiday’s and Happenings

How did you spend your Thanksgiving my salacious sweethearts?


Did you don your festive best and  surround yourself with more food and family then you knew what to do with?

Sounds fun, but as you might expect, the domestic vision of turkeys, pumpkin pie and a plethora of familial faces just isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season – but I love it in the way that I love watching people ride roller coasters – from a safe distance.

If you didn’t see my previous post, I spent the holiday in LA taking a much needed break and seeing the sights. Which consequently also involved a trip to Disneyland….because I just HAD to see what the West Coast comparison looked like.

Overall it was lovely, rather quaint and overwhelmingly packed, but it’s just one of those things I had to check off my travel list.

While everyone else was baking in the heat and sunburning their faces, I had a chance to debut my new sunhat…and it worked like a charm!

photo 3

 Outside of the obligatory trip to the happiest place on earth, I enjoyed an amazing drive through the streets of LA with the lovely and licentious Mistress Isla. The drive itself was spectacular, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up my daily driver for a full time convertible. Is it just me or is the new Camero drastically under powered?

I had a chance to see the Hollywood Hills with my own eyes and even get stuck in a bit of famed LA traffic!

photo 2

Despite all the pictures I took along the way, my favorite was the one I snapped the day after I got home. I went from sunny 80 degree days to instant snow and sheets of frost covering every inch of my neighborhood. It was the sweetest homecoming gift Mother Nature could possible have given…except for the piles and piles of frozen leaves I now have to rake up.

photo 1

All in all, while I missed you pets dearly, this was a much needed rest for me. My spirits are high, my imagination is refreshed and my energy is through the roof.

And now…

I’m officially back and booking from December 2nd and beyond!

As a side note, my travel plans and times I’ll be taking off have shifted a bit since my last post so it’s worth mentioning now.

I know a few of you were worried I’d be totally available for the next season or so and I’d like to put your mind at ease that this will not be the case. To make life easier, here’s what you can expect until the New Year!

For the month of December

Available: December 1st-23rd

Christmas Break: December 24th-28th

Available: 29th & 30th

New Years Break: December 31st & January 1st

Resume normal schedule January 2nd onwards….

  Now, let the debauchery resume!

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  1. Al York

    Wish I was there to rake your frozen leaves for you! Your slave forever from NC and now Georgia, Al

  2. Stefano

    complimenti siete una bellissima mistress, peccato non potervi raggiungere!

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