Hypnosis, Domination and Probing You Deeper


When you’ve been playing as long as I have, you reach a point where you’re eager to probe a bit more than peoples physical tolerances and interests…though frankly that never gets old.

I’ve always loved twisting someone, watching their physicality mold to me as I alter their reality via role play, bondage and various pain or pleasure scenarios. It’s powerful, intoxicating and entirely┬ábreathtaking to enjoy having that much control over someone’s temporary state of being.

Lately, I’ve had a bit of a fascination with mind control – and I don’t mean the military style brainwashing you might immediately imagine. What I’m talking about is erotic mind control via sensory deprivation, ASMR audio input, binaural beats and direct and specific physical stimulation.

Sounds fun already, doesn’t it?

Binaural beats have been used for quite a while, most often with people trying to meditate or sleep; I happen to use that type of audio relaxation to fight my insomnia when it stretches on for days. It forces a deep mental relaxation and penetration of suggestion all the way to your subconscious…and once you’re in someone’s subconscious, you’re permeating them on the deepest level. Couple that with some kink focused spoken word elements and you’ve got a very potent combination.

For the rest of this month, I will begin experimenting with a few session styles, melting mind control into my otherwise all encompassing scenes. The audio files I’ve comprised so far are based around several selections; meditation, slavery, femminization and obedience training all ranging in various durations to entice those both wanting a small sample of hypnotic play and those wanting a deep and immerse experience.

As some of this takes a bit of prep, those curious to join me in these ministrations will need to let me know *when booking* your appointment so I can best tailor things to your individual experience.

Now…who’s ready to let me in deeper?

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2 Thoughts to “Hypnosis, Domination and Probing You Deeper”

  1. Tim

    I can think of nothing more enticing and intoxicating than falling under the spell and direction of Domina Victoria Rage. OMG I want to come to Seattle!!!

  2. steven m sander

    mistress i’d like to undergo hypnosis with you

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