Surrendering Your Senses (a slight expansion on hypno play)



He was very much to the point on the phone….

A man with little time, but BIG curiosity: “I saw you had a hypno domination offering, he said, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I think I’d like to give it a try, though I’ve been pretty unsuccessful watching videos on my own ”

Our conversation was rather short, but his message was singular and entirely expected. Hypnosis and BDSM *sounds* intriguing, but what if you’re skeptical or simply don’t think it’ll work on you?


I suppose I won him over, at least enough to sway him for a visit with some simple logic. “If you’ve had a hard time feeling the effects of hypnosis in the past, I imagine it’s because you’re consciously focusing on it at the time. It’s like when you’re trying to sleep….if you simply lie in bed trying to mentally bully yourself into passing out, thinking about how many hours you have left, how tired you will be in the morning if you don’t sleep RIGHT NOW – you aren’t going to fall sweetly into dreamland now are you?”

“Approach it with an open mind and zero expectations….you just might surprise yourself!”


I realize in my previous post, that there’s a bit of ambiguity in exactly what I *do* for my Hypno Domme scenes. Bondage with audio input is vague on purpose, when he arrived, he hadn’t already mentally walked himself through the scene. He hadn’t convinced himself that it wouldn’t work…he simply arrived curious.

I helped him into the bondage of choice; which is different for everyone. Knowing certain poses, materials and equipment can all have powerful psychological effects, I’ve been tailoring the resting position to each unique person….and his was to be spread eagle on the floor, held limbs apart with thick iron spreader bars and rough rope tied strictly around his limbs. I wanted him to KNOW he was in bondage – not simply feel ‘held down’.

For the visual element, I chose to deprive his sight with a pillowy blindfold. One you’d expect to use on a long haul flight where their might be an abundance of light: incredibly heavy duty and soft enough to forget about. It’s tremendous how the mind will dance away when you have nothing to look at.

Oddly enough, I could feel him beginning to slip away before I placed the piece of this puzzle on him; he let out a breathy and anticipatory sigh as the headphones clamped over his ears. The first lines of his particular recording were meant to reach him and put him at ease…

” Don’t think, don’t worry, you’re not in control…..”

My audio poured into him like hot syrup as it began it’s sultry tones, throbbing beats and faintly whispered commands. I watched him for a moment in the silence of the dungeon, taking in how vast his inner world  had just become, where on the outside, I could hear a pin drop. It was so powerful to know I had taken complete control of his senses in such a slick and abrupt manner, he didn’t protest, he didn’t ask a lot of questions, he went boldly into the deep end.

I set about the dungeon, gathering a few implements to use at key times throughout the scene, and as I returned to begin my external torments, I saw the very obvious trace of goosebumps racing across his skin….

It was working….

Now as this blog is read equally by potential visitors and other practicing Dommes, this is where my description of what I actually *did* will end….but maybe, just maybe, I’ll soon post a perspective piece from someone who’s been on the receiving end of these particular ministrations via review form.  In the meantime, I hope this little appetizer will entice those who you who are curious, to take a bit of an adventure into the unknown.





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2 Thoughts to “Surrendering Your Senses (a slight expansion on hypno play)”

  1. Todd

    I keep thinking I can’t get any more excited then I read you next one and I’m more enticed and excited! Hope I can make it up to Seattle for a visit.

  2. joe01

    You know chastity works with hypnosis? *evil laugh*

    Oh what fun it would be to have a hypnosis where a person thinks of their celebrity crush and gets instantly hard whenever they see them… or the opposite! They can’t get hard, only frustration and chastity from their favorite celeb.

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