Aggressively Expanding Your Horizons: 52 Weeks of Masturbation




It’s easy to get caught in a sexual rut, isn’t it?

While this might not be my personal speed bump,  I deal almost daily with  individuals who are frankly bored of their normal routine. Sex  is the driving force behind so much of what we do, it forms massive sectors of our personality and adds spark and intrigue to our daily lives. When it gets boring or there’s too much of the same what are you supposed to do about it? Be grateful you can still feel turned on at all?

Obviously, that sort of answer isn’t enough for me, and barring any sort of medical or psychological barriers you may face that would prevent you from doing so; if you’re fortunate enough to have an erotic life at all, you should cherish it, nurture it and feed it like a wild hungry beast.


Vanilla or not, I think we can all agree that expanding what turns us on in general is the key to breaking out of our erotic shell. While not totally under our control, we can heavily influence what makes us shiver, we can learn to see things differently….and after much thought, I’ve come up with a solution that should fit rather snugly into everyone’s typical schedule.

I call it 52 weeks of masturbation!

Let’s face it, we all watch porn, we just do.

If you  try to tell me you don’t, you’re flat out lying (or you have an SO who won’t give you 5 minutes of free time). There’s no shame in it, for me it’s as reflexive as grabbing a drink when I’m thirsty. When I want to get off and I’m all alone – I dash to my laptop and fire up some favored clips, hey it’s human nature, but even I noticed a gravitation towards the same *type* of materials.

So, I turned to the ever trusty Porn Hub for help and inspiration; happily as always, they gave me exactly what I needed.

You’ll notice here, they have 62 glorious categories or nearly endless material. My order to you is this: for the next year, I want you all to expand with me.

Eroticize things you’d never expect….

Once a week, park yourself in front of your computer and launch into a random category, even if it’s not one that instantly appeals to you. Just turn yourself on a bit and flick through videos in the category until you find one that helps get you off….and stick with it until the deed is done. Essentially, you’re forcing your brain to reconsider it’s stance on what’s sexy. If your mind and body want all the chemicals and convulsions that come with an orgasm, it’s going to cooperate and work with the material at hand (unless it’s offensive to you – then skip it). Yeah, it might take a bit longer, but focus….try to make it work and don’t let yourself be discouraged.

Now, I know there’s 52 weeks in a year and 62 categories, but I’m assuming most of us masturbate more than once a week so man up and double down when you can!

By the end of the year, I want to see some horizons expanded.


….and if you’re curious what video category *I’m* going to start with, I think I’ll be giving Hentai a whirl…

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  1. I love this idea! I’ll certainly give it a try.

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