The Sinister Seductress Returns to Seattle!

It’s official, I’m home my sweets, I dearly hope you’ve missed me.

I had an amazing little stint resting, relaxing and otherwise being caught up in someone else’s imagination in the form of Disney parks. Yes, I freely admit that the last two trips I’ve taken have involved theme parks, but it’s out of my system now. Sometimes a girl just needs to immerse herself in some of her old favorite locations.

If you weren’t following my twitter feed, you missed a LOT! Mostly various photos of me in way too big sunglasses around various attractions, but I was hoping to draw you all a little closer to me as I took in my surroundings.

Naturally, I’m a movie person, so Universal Studios was a MUST visit…. And there were no shortages of bizarre photo ops…

Anyone else need more cowbell?


Not too long after, I found my way to a recreation of a Medieval village, complete with authentic treasures from 600-800 years ago. I felt shamefully modern (and somewhat disrespectful) taking a selfie with a book that’s more than 600 years old but I’m pretty determined, so ….


Then came a section that featured real torture devices; as you would expect, I became much more enthusiastic about capturing the moment! Don’t worry darlings, none of them came home with me…. Though it did inspire some new tight bondage poses.

(A real Judas cradle!)


Pony play? Yes!


After that, I had to cap off my excursions with a little stop at Epcot, where I rocked a pigtailed look rather masterfully.

Seeing the World Showcase as an adult was no less thrilling then when I walked the countries as a child.


And Germany, being my overall favorite, did not disappoint! Miniature German village (background), ice cold beer, J├Ąger shots and lovely lasses in European costumes – beautiful.


But as I always conclude, there’s really no place like home my pets, and after a week spent entirely entwined in another reality; I’m ready for the (dis)comfort and familiarity of my dungeon.

Thankfully, I can see my inbox and voice mail are full to the gills with opportunities to expel all this fresh energy!

If you’re feeling brave or just want to see what I look like after a week of kink free rest – I’m plenty happy to make time for those of you who have yet to request a place in my black book for the month.

…but consider yourselves warned….

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