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REV: Domina Victoria Rage
« on: March 02, 2015, 12:43:23 PM »
LOCATION: South of downtown Seattle
DATE: I repeat regularly and have since mid-2013
NAME: Domina Victoria Rage
INCALL/OUTCALL: Incall – she acquired a new space in 2014 and it is superb!
INCALL CLEANLINESS: Spotless. Ms Victoria takes sanitation of her space and equipment seriously.
ACCURATE PICTURE: Yes. She does frequent photo shoots and posts some of them on twitter and her wordpress blog.
AGE: 30
PERSONALITY: Fun. Great with newbies or less frequent/hardcore bdsm players.
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: curvy
WEIGHT: 150-ish?
HEIGHT: 5’5″ or so? She always appears taller than that to me, especially in heels or boots 🙂
BUST: Most women would be quite envious.
WAIST: don’t know the measurement figure.
HIPS: don’t know the measurement figure.
HAIR: Usually black. She’s gone through occasional changes here and there on a whim.
EYES: brown or hazel (I think… this is tough to determine in a darkened dungeon!)
FEET: Don’t normally see them in session, but her feet are well taken care of!
SKIN TONE: Pale. She doesn’t like to be out in the sun.
TATTOOS: Haven’t seen any during session, but I believe I’ve seen one in one of her Twitter feed photos on her right leg, and one on her left upper back.
SCARS: None noticed
PIERCINGS: ears are the only ones I’m aware of.

CLOTHES: Ms. Victoria has many fetish outfits and I could probably session every day for a long time and never see them all. More often than not I’ve seen latex catsuits (usually black), or black minis with long black boots.
GLASSES: Not during session, though occasionally she’ll post a pic on Twitter of her wearing some.
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: Extremely high. She loves her work, and our scenes are generally whatever she prefers doing that particular day, which probably helps 🙂
ACTIVITIES: BDSM session. See her website ( for a list of activities that she enjoys as well as limits. In our sessions, more often than not are sensory deprivation, nipple clamps, electrical play, CBT, spanking, caning, and use of toys such as wartenburg wheels and a devious set of claws that go on her hands. It’s not uncommon as well for her to peg me with a strap-on and/or with fingers.
SMOKES: Not that I know of.
DRINKS: Water during session.
SCREENING PROCESS: Mine was a little different than typical new clients. I played first as a duo with a mutual friend, Joyfull (aka Ms JF) first, then regularly set up sessions via email. I would suspect entirely new clients would call on the phone first or email to see if they are compatible.
WEBSITE: Also on Twitter (@VictoriaRage), and blogs at WordPress (
PHONE:  between 11am and 11pm between Tuesdays and Saturdays.
RECOMMEND: Absolutely!
REPEAT: Yes, I’m a regular.

COMMENTS: Ms. Victoria and I session regularly about once a month and have since the middle of 2013. Ideally, I’d be sessioning every two/three weeks but some things going on in my personal life have prevented me from doing so, alas. I had sessioned with another domme often/regularly between 1997 and 2007, but hadn’t done any bdsm up until early 2013. I’d been playing in the GFE/FBSM arena with escorts in the interim.

I’m a married guy with a nosey wife who has no interest in bdsm, so I have some limits with marks and such that I have to work around, as well as some limited windows for session times with my work schedule. Fortunately, Ms. Victoria is probably the most skilled Domme I’ve been around when it comes to limiting or hiding marks. She loves to use crops, floggers, canes, and other corporal punishment implements… and to not play in that area would be rough for both of us.

I know I’ve been worried a couple/three times with how intense she can get, and I’m half expecting marks to show up and last for many days, but end up pleasantly surprised (if not amazed) when I only have minor stuff out the door that is 100% gone within a few hours.

She’s always careful with warmups and inspecting my body periodically to make sure I’m not going to have something difficult to explain at home. So far I’ve had no issues with visible marks that I’ve had to hide — we’ve done it on occasion in discreet places where the wife wouldn’t find it when seeing me naked.

Ms Victoria likes to take snapshots during session on occasion (Note: this is cleared with her clients beforehand, so no worry about privacy), and it is always of interest to me to see these (either on Twitter or her blog posts) to get an idea of what happens during some activities beforehand, or even ones of our own sessions. In particular, I’ve discovered what she “wrote” on my back when sealed with plastic wrap and enduring some hot wax play!

Probably the most interesting sensation play I’ve had was getting birched or exposed to ginger root up my ass, which is mild at first then turns rather wild and intense soon thereafter. I’d never experienced that before and it was quite a trip 🙂

As for the playspace itself, it is made up of a handful of rooms in the lower level of Ms Victoria’s abode. Something’s always a little different each time I visit as there’s always new furniture and toys that she’s acquired or had made for her. The space is darkened, but not overly scary by any means. It’s warm and the music selection played during the session always helps to set the right mood.

Hint: there’s a secret with the playlist and if you listen closely in the beginning, you’ll get a clue as to what’s in store for you (btw, this is explained by Ms. Victoria in one of her blog posts from last year!). Always helpful is a few minutes at the very beginning to chat/catch up and go over anything such as injuries or other things that might be affecting you so that Ms Victoria can adjust the session if necessary. A glass of water helps hydrate beforehand as well.

Showers before and after help relax the body, and there’s plenty of soap/body wash choice with or without scents. The water pressure and temperature are great as well as the towels provided. There’s also mouthwash available for ensuring things get started on a clean note all the way around.

Parking at her place is easy and free.

The last thing I’d stress is that oftentimes, seeing a ProDomme can be intimidating as heck, especially for a newbie. Ms. Victoria is great with newbies (or those who haven’t seen a Domme in quite some time), and you don’t get severe protocol issues that less-tolerant Dommes might portray. Play can start off very mild, and non-pain sessions are quite alright, so there’s something for everyone.

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