New Gyno Table and Other Fun Things…

I had a startling realization the other day, my sweets. Take a seat, take a deep breath….

It really been over a year since I’ve bought any new dungeon furniture for my studio. Over a YEAR!

That’s impossible for me to believe; I know my dungeon will always be in a fluctuating state with rotating toys and devices, but I’ve been stuck on my large items for AGES! For someone who needs a lot of input to stay entertained, I’m frankly shocked. No wonder I’ve been craving something new lately – its long past due.

I remedied that yesterday and bought the item of my dreams: A BRAND NEW gynecological table! (stirrups and leg rest not pictured)



I can’t say for sure what day it’ll be in the studio and ready for use, since it’s shipping via freight, the delivery window is somewhere between 1-10 business days. Not too bad, but I’m going to have an impossible time trying to be patient! (get it?)

To a lesser extend, I’ve bumped up my toy collection for good measure to include some thick boxing gloves – perfect for ball busting, and the latest and greatest gadgets from Erostek! It’s a 4 pack of rubber conductive loops (shown below). Link is NSFW!!!

I’ve also added 2 latex masks to my growing hood collection, courtesy of Latex Nemesis (photos also from LN site). Which will give every rubber enthusiast a taste of what it’s like to be enveloped in tight shiny latex!LN363 LN365


I still feel like I need a few more things to really make this season over the top, so if any of you come across any bizarre gear that my dungeon just HAS to have, let me know!

I’m keeping my eye out for clever new ways to torture and torment you violated victims…


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