April Reflections and May Updates! Photos-Videos-Role Play – Oh My!

Dear Pets and Playthings,


Where do I even begin?

My Spring, as usual, has been a bit of a whirlwind and I’m afraid this blog has been put on the back burner outside of important updates. I adore the thought of some of you eagerly waiting for those heart pounding posts I throw out here every now and then, but alas, I’ve just been a non stop train of live action play lately!



Rest assured,  that’s all about to change!

I’m working on several new posts, though one continues to be the bane of my existence. I’m not sure how many of you write for the general  public, but I’ve come up with a role play so intricate that I’m having an impossible time paring it down to something manageable for mass consumption. I suppose when you start with an idea that involves a transformation clinic and men who want to be rubber dolls – there are just too MANY directions you can go!

The short of it is, if you read my little corner for the web strictly for the sexy stuff; hang in there.


Outside of that, I do have some announcements regarding availability worth sharing, though they will NOT be reflected on my website. Consider this a bonus for delving a little deeper into my world.

For the month of May, I will have almost full open availability – 7 days a week, until May 23rd. I’ll take my days off here and there as needed, but if you’re one of those sweet boys who has a hard time getting on my docket – this is your chance! I will be slightly limited in how long scenes can be but I will work around that as much as possible.


From May 23rd-May 30th, I’ll be unavailable and spending some quality time off grid. With how intense a job like this can be, it’s vital to unplug every so often and catch some alone time.  Phone calls, emails and the like will go unanswered during this period, so feel free to plan ahead if you want to connect when I return to the swing of things May 31st!



Last but not least, someone very near and dear to me has indulged my request for a new Mac!


That’s important to YOU because I’ve been doing a ton of filming lately – random vines, YouTube clips and general short videos that I intend to string together and edit with imovies (an app I don’t have with Windows). I couldn’t be more excited – I’ve always been a Windows girl so this will take a couple of days to figure out, but I’ll be spending almost all of my available free time working on these projects and turning them out en mass.

I will be posting them primarily on Twitter so feel free to get a first glimpse by following my account here: @VictoriaRage

As the nature of my content will become more personal and explicit, there is a small chance I will be setting my account to ‘private’ which means all non followers will be excluded from viewing my posts. I haven’t made that a final decision, but I’ll keep you posted…. I do like the thought of having stricter control over who is permitted to see my publications.


Anyway, that’s enough for the moment; I have a free hour and I’m going to spend it catching up on a bit of sleep before tonight’s occasions.

Let’s hope I can nap on this medical table without ruining my make up!

Nighty night!



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