What’s New: Auctions, Availability and an Avalanche of Activity!

Good Afternoon Beloved Pets and Playthings,
I’ve just returned from my visit to Florida and am feeling *very* eager to return to life as I know it. For those of you who don’t me very well, I’ll share with you that this trip was to visit an ailing and aging family member who is extraordinarily near and dear to my heart. My blood family is quite small, so this was a particularly challenging and heavy trip.
I’m entirely glad that I went and my heart is very full, but after the psychological rollercoaster I’ve been on all week – I want nothing more than to slip into some latex and immerse myself back into my one true obsession and happiness – BDSM.
So with that in mind, I’m both announcing my return and availability, but also taking this chance to publicize one of MANY new additions to my specialties and repertoire. I hope you’re excited, because this one will be hard to top!

Slave Auctions will be a regular offering for returning clients!!!!

Yes, you read that right.
I haven’t tried to keep it a secret, but for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying out some live kink auctions during a select number of scenes. You may have caught my tweets, photos, ads or simply heard from word or mouth, but this session is unlike any other and has been amazingly well received!
For those who have a deep desire to expand you erotic horizons like never before, I’m happy to host YOUR auction in my dungeon during your live appointment OR simply live stream the antics to a private chat room for those who enjoy a voyeuristic flair.
This is not going to be done to every appointment, only those who very specifically request this treatment and fully consent to it….but make no mistake, this is the real deal.
Now, I bet you’re wondering exactly how this works….
Well, unsurprisingly I have enormous and wide-reaching connections in the kink community and I have partnered with a number of like-minded people who enjoy renting a playmate (you) for a pre-agreed period of time. At the moment, since this idea is still in its infancy, the duration is simply for an hour or two, but this can be modified on a case by case basis.
You will arrive to my studio as you would for any other appointment, and we continue to enjoy our time together in all the typical fan fare you’ve become accustom to, though at a point in our scene, I will begin live streaming the fun to a password protected private chatroom where potential ‘buyers’ – fellow Femme Dommes, Masters, switches, kinksters, lifestylers and pre approved lurkers can access by my direct invitation only.
Should you inspire interest in someone there, they are welcome to bid on you, and as with all auctions, the highest bidder wins.
Since you cannot see WHO is warring it out to ‘buy’ you for the hour, I take the top 3 winners and have them send a bio and photo for you to look over at home at your leisure. If you feel comfortable and confident with one of the winners, you will return to my dungeon to submit or interact with them under my strict supervision at a time we all mutually agree upon.
You are entirely welcome to specify if you’d like female or male ‘buyers’ only, certain age ranges, or any other qualifiers you’d like. You are in no way just limited to the luck of the draw.
Should you not like the bio’s of my winners, or flatly don’t feel interested in playing with any of them, the ‘sale’ is simply canceled and your decision is respected. No harm no foul.
Easy as pie…

Now, a bit of a disclaimer.
This is only available to regular or actively returning clients. If I saw you once 2 years ago or something a random like that – we’re going to have to rekindle our rapport with a few appointments before I can make this available to you. Sorry, it’s just common sense – I have to know you and be able to vouch for you to my buyers as much as I have to vouch for them to you. Everyone has to be safe, happy, healthy, consenting and of sound mind.
You must be 30 years or older and in reasonably ‘good’ health.
Good is defined as fit for typical BDSM activity. If you have specific limitations, allergies or concerns let me know – there are only a handful of automatic disqualifiers. (Recent lifesaving surgery, history of heart attack, active seizures, high blood pressure not controlled by medicine, epilepsy, contagious illness/disease or extreme frailty).

The bidders themselves must also be 30+ years old, healthy, happy and well-balanced individuals with at least 5 years worth of experience in S&M. They will respect any and all limits and safewords laid down when playing with you and understand that I will be actively supervising (not participating) in your upcoming scene to ensure your safety.
I may not have covered ALL of my bases here to keep this post short and sweet but if you’re interested or have questions, feel free to drop me a line when you are planning your next visit…and in the meantime, enjoy trying NOT to fantasize about me selling you on the block like the piece of man meat you are!
— Stay Informed —
See me in person:  www.VictoriaRage.com
Worship from afar: www.DominasDiary.com
Interact and follow: twitter.com/VictoriaRage

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  1. Oh my word, yes, yes and yes! I’m going to have to make time to come visit you to work up to this but oh man this is one of my ultimate fantasies!

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