I just know that title sparked a shiver of excitement in at least a handful of you naughty boys…no doubt as your minds immediately drifted towards your cock and hoped this would be a post about sexual stamina in some sense.

It’s not, so why don’t you give yourself a nice firm smack on your naked thigh before continuing forward.

I was referring to my own stamina… My kinky stamina as a Top.

It’s been mentioned before, by the tone of my posts and comments, that I always seem to be in the midst of play. I’ve often been jokingly called “The hardest working Woman in BDSM.” And sure, there’s possibly some truth to that…

Curious suitors have blushed, asking if a 2 or 3 hour session would be ‘too long’ for me and when I balk at the length of time, they lean a little closer and expand to ask what they really want… 4 hours, all day, several days?

Can you really do that? Yes, I can, you’ve read reviews about how intensely I turned someone hour for hours on end… and while I fully enjoy one or two-hour scenes, there’s not much limitation on how long we can go beyond that.

As any driven person whose stamina comes into question would do, let me explain a little something about myself.

I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact and I can and will outlast you – Always.

I’m young, fit, healthy and strong; my mind is a rushing river of perverted thoughts, fed constantly by the suitors I entertain daily.  I’m a literal fount of kinky ideas and when your well-spring of curiosities dries up and you’re not sure what to do next, I’m happy to introduce you to what pours out of my head daily. It never stops.

While we all have our impulses and urges, mine lean towards the kinky variety. Just as much as I crave food, water and sleep, I physically require a certain amount of pervy release. And no,  I don’t tire of it. I am a wild woman, domesticated. My urge to hunt and toy with my prey remains still fully intact – this is how I deal with it… of course, I do so with enormous pleasure.


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