Events At The Axom Priory: The Inaugural Party



My dungeon is launching into a new area – one where I’ve turned my modest little kinky profession into a modern day empire; a hedonistic wonderland of everything carnal and captivating!


I’ve been holding off a bit on explaining all the expansions and changes, not wanting to either overload you all with a battery of information or selling myself short by spilling the beans all at once – as I tend to do. So I’ve opted instead to parcel things out, post by post, leading up to my 1st Annual Axom Priory Dungeon Party!


Once a year I will invite a select visitors, friends, traveling Dominas and other fun and fantastic people to spend the evening reveling in self indulgence. While attendance this year will need to be limited due to the size of my venue, I intend to grow my guest list throughout the year and opt for a much larger location from here on out!



Let me tell you a little more…


In mid September (date given only to those invited), I’ll be opening up my entire studio, a split level soundproof area for a lavish evening of costume themed mingling and play.

The upstairs will be available for drinks, snacks and ‘dessert’ and the downstairs will be open for full use to those who’d like to enjoy some more deviant games. It will be an open party so I won’t be pairing anyone up. Simply relax, enjoy yourself and feel free to explore the room if you’d like to play or engage with another guest.


Drinks and snacks will be provided, though I will ask they all be confined to the top floor.


For those who want to get a little messy, two showers will be made available as well as towels, sheets, pillows and protection.

The style of dress? Erotic costuming, themed attire, fetish wear or nudity is appreciated.



Sound like your kind of party?


If you’d like to be on the guest list, send a super brief email to titled Dungeon Party, and simply let me know if you’d like to come solo or if you’ll need a +1.

Please do not ask further questions in your inquiry and avoid texting or tweeting about this event. If your name is chosen from the invite list, I’ll happily answer any questions you might have – until then, I’d like to keep the clerical portion of this to a minimum.



To be considered…

You must either be a fellow Femme Domme that I personally know, a client I’ve seen within the last six months (and at least twice in the last year), a kinky friend or a well known sex positive personality with a traceable online history.


While I must regrettably limit attendance, rest assured that if your name isn’t chosen for this event, it wasn’t personal. Additionally, you will be place at the top of the list for the next one – a Halloween Party in late Fall.

In total, I can only let about 30 people enter, so I’ll be choosing visitors at random, while keeping an even balance of men, women, doms, subs, masochists, sadists and voyeurs.


Last but not least…

This event will be free, you are my invited guest! But, if you’re interested in donating to the party or The Axom Priory in general, you are warmly welcomed to do so via amazon e-gift card (to:


Deviantly Yours,


::Evil Empress of the Axom Priory::

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    Regarding the paint smell, if it hasn’t dissipated yet an industrial strength ozone generator should get rid of it, the folks who rehab buildings after a fire use them. The more powerful models will kill mold and bugs as well as odors.

    You don’t want to breath ozone but it goes away naturally after 30-40 minutes.

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