Happy Winter – Whatever you Celebrate!

I’m having a laugh at myself this today..
I typically embrace this month in a Julie Andrews, Sound of Music open arms sort of way, but right now, I’m standing in shock of how quickly December 25th is sneaking up on me.
It’s been a good year and the kind that I feel truly needs to be capped off with some sort of Bacchanalian celebration, perfectly punctuating the intensity of for months before it.
While I subscribe to no particular religious system, I celebrate Christmas – a remnant of my childhood, albeit a very secular Americanized version of the holiday, and I’m going to try my best to immerse myself in what’s left of this time of year and soak it in. I hope you sweet readers do as well!
Whatever you celebrate – I deeply hope you enjoy it to the fullest.
It’s always easier said than done, but embrace whatever time off you have, drink and eat way too much; indulge, relax, sleep in until noon and revel in this moment of relaxation that you most definitely deserve.
In this spirit, I wish you all the happiest of holidays and a blissful and exciting New Year!
I will personally be unavailable for emails, calls, texts and sessions from December 24th-26th and December 31st-January 4th but when I return, you pets better be ready because 2016 is going to be absolutely unforgettable!

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