Unavailability Notice May 1st-May 6th

Alright darlings, it’s that time of year again when I withdraw from the spot light, and from my ever buzzing and ringing phone, to spend more quality time in my personal life.
From 5/1-5/6 I will be off grid and enjoying some much needed R&R.  As usual, this means that calls, texts, emails and all forms of communication will be set on the back burner so I can focus on detaching and revitalize my energy. I will set up an away message for my email and phone, but if you otherwise notice my distinct lack of response – that’s why.
As it so often goes when I announce a little break, some people feel encouraged to reach out and wish me a good time or text me for updates to see how I’m enjoying myself, I know it’s tempting and comes from a place of excitement and curiosity, but please resist the urge. I’ll be posting plenty of photos, tweets and comments whenever it’s convenient for me to do so – I’m not exactly the shy and silent type.
If you’d like to connect before I take my week off, I have plenty of opportunities available from April 5th-30th and would love to see some familiar faces before I hit the reset button.
Of course, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a single week off so if you can’t catch me beforehand, I’ll be back to the swing of things from May 7th on and warmly welcome advance bookings for anyone who likes to take advantage of my thoroughly recharged energy!

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