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It seems these days, that Leavenworth is my sweet and devilish little home away from home. Nestled just outside the city, it’s the perfect hideaway where I steal off to from time to time, sweet victim in tow, destined for either my private cabin in the middle of nowhere or my plush yet still incredibly discreet hotel lodge in the middle of town. Whenever I crave some much-needed immersion, or whenever I’m sweetly asked to completely shift someone’s paradigm – this is my first destination.

It started with a crisp early morning, having spent the previous evening playing until neither of us could stand or form complete sentences, I awoke with my playmate still tied on the floor – a flurry of rope and toys surrounding him. Left sweetly in the position I left him, he slept in the most exhaustive, bliss induced state. I was careful tip toeing around the room as I prepped for my early run; I wanted to wake him in a silent ambush, only long enough to attach him to my cruel Venus 2000 before sprinting out the door, before he really knew what hit him and before he could fully wake up and register what had happened – I was off down the hall. While I waited for the elevator, I could hear the faint suction of the motor, undetectable to any casual passerby, but my face curled into an evil smile knowing the agony such a machine can produce in such a short amount of time. I’m sure the first few minutes it ‘serviced’ him were very sweet indeed…..

The mountain air was so refreshing, I must have been out there for ages exploring the winding park and lingering for coffee before taking my sweet time to return to the room. I was in no rush, his suffering is why we’re here, and each moment I can make him tremble is a welcome diversion from his typical run away train of thoughts. He was very much the shivering mess I had hoped for when I got back, all too happy to hear my key pressing against the door… He knew before I left, that I had not given him any instructions about releasing, so he bravely fought against all climactic urges. It was so sweet to see his relieved face and slight swell of pride in knowing I wouldn’t have to punish him, I joked as I hit the off switch that he really wasted the opportunity here: while he didn’t have permission to ‘enjoy’ this too much, he also wasn’t forbidden….

Had I not left him gagged, I’m sure he would have been delivering a very well rehearsed plea for mercy, but I wasn’t in the mood for him to feel relief. No not for a very….very long time.

Cruel though I am, I untied him long enough to allow him to worship my sweaty yoga pants and freshly worn in socks over coffee, a fitting reward for his excellent control. Having someone’s face eagerly pressed against my, sweet, sweaty body is the type of sensation I find impossible to put to words: erotic, hungered for, lusted after – these are close, but it’s so much more provocative. To know someone wants you, really aches for you….that’s raw sexuality there. The sun had barely risen and already I’m feeling like the most desired Goddess of to ever walk the earth. His need for me, made me crave his suffering even more, I wonder if he actually knew that.

He pressed his face optimistically closer to my naked skin, hoping to burrow through the thin cotton separating my inner thighs and his face; an aphrodisiac intoxication taking over him as he nuzzled; his sculpted face a perfect seat as he decided in unequal measure what he needed more, precious oxygen or the scent of my pheromones filling him up. Knowing he’d happily turn blue before pulling away from me, I sent him to prepare my bath, the deep tub and adjoining room was a perfect set up to test his devotion to service and attention to detail.

He knew all too well that how he behaved in these early morning moments would set the tone for his treatment the entire day, so his best behavior was on full display despite the agonizing and obvious throb between his legs. As I settled into the oversized bath, perfumed bubbles pooling around my silky skin, my captive began to shave my legs with Olympic style focus, each stroke calculated and smooth, arching over each porcelain curve until I was perfectly smooth to his desperate touch. The background over his shoulder – the small town of Leavenworth was just waking up, stores opening and people slowly filtering in to start vacations. Little would they guess, that just a few rooms down from theirs, a woman holds a trembling man on a tight leash – balls still exquisitely blue from his morning treatment, preparing his Domina for the day.

They’d have no idea that once bathed, I’d bend him over and fill him with his morning enema before sending him down the hall for bottled water, smirking as he raced back and pleaded for the bathroom which I would coyly deny until his face burned as red as my chosen lipstick of the day.

They’d have no idea why he fidgeted so much over lunch; ass paddled perfectly red, remote vibrating butt plug deeply inserted; he had no way to find a comfortable position to sit, perhaps they assumed he was anxious, or maybe they wouldn’t give it a second thought as they returned to their own afternoon routine.

They certainly had no idea the pure fear my boy had in his heart when I suggested a midnight walk in the woods; which ended with him deviously cross dressed to the nines, gagged and handcuffed while I made him walk alongside my car down a long winding road for any passers-by (there were none) to discover his predicament.

No…we blended in perfectly, hidden in plain sight. Despite everything, we couldn’t help but notice outside of what we were doing, how very vanilla the world can be. Trips to the ice cream store or one extra round of beer being the ‘highlight’ of the day in stark contrast to the dildo roulette I played with my prisoner shortly before our evening ended. For all the trappings of excitement and promise, the world can be a very boring place, unextraordinary, dull and monotone unless forcibly given depth and dimension.

There’s much more I could say about how I spent my week, but some secrets are best kept for the pleasure of those involved. Though I know some of you are already sitting there, wishing this captive was you, agreeing with the flatness of daily reality amidst a sea of possibility, and probably harboring those thoughts for a while now. At some point my sweet reader, you have to truly have to ask yourself…why isn’t it you?

Don’t you think at some point, you’ve earned a reason to have a wicked smile on your face? Sure, we can’t all leave life behind for a few days to dive in this deeply – but a few hours… you have no excuse to simply envy that.


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