Blog Post: Koi Erotica Now Available For Duos!!!!!

Koi and I met over a scene with a mutually beloved play partner. Lustful and enigmatic, the chemistry was instant; her vibrance in scene, deep penetrative sexuality and raw intensity for ‘more’ pulled me in to her immediately in a way that can be said for few people. She’s disarming, but effortlessly made my heart beat faster; I can only imagine how the two of us would make you feel while pinned to a bondage chair.

While admittedly, my crush was instant, more so, my respect for this woman left me speechless in the midst of our chaotic and enthusiastic divergence. She is passionate and in every sense of the word, a true Goddess in flesh, making each moment spent with her utterly magical and addictive.

That said, I am SO proud to say after a little flirtation and a flutter of excited emails, this lovely Goddess is now among my available duo partners!!!!




Go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor.

If you don’t know about her yet (it’s because you live under a rock). A sensual chameleon, both Dominant, submissive and achingly erotic – she’s everything she needs to be as the moment strikes. I have no doubt you poor boys will be left utterly unable to remember your last name’s once she and I are done with you….and for those who are curious about switching yourselves; Koi is the perfect companion to help guide you to those more stern curiosities.


Personally, diverse as she is in her methods, I will always prefer the vision of her in leathers with a thick strap on belted around her perfectly sculpted  hips. In case it was somehow not abundantly clear, women in positions of power are simply what makes the world a better place.




Now, if you’re ready to be turned completely inside out, drop me an email. Let’s see if we can’t make the whole world melt away together.


Disclaimer: Koi is an independent provider, as are all of my kinky cohorts. Her rates, schedule and offerings are self set and available here on her website:

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  1. She truly is beautiful – it would be an honor to submit to you both.

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