One comment on “Blog Post: Part 2 – Pumped, Drained, Milked and Abused In Captivity

  1. Nice continuation. Corporal isn’t for me, but the mind fuck of this setup is exciting. Specifically, your calm, cool and unwavering expectation of a certain number of orgasms, or 4 oz, and consumption before release from the dungeon is considered. In my twist on the fantasy, you might give preparation instructions before I arrive in town. Maybe an expectation that I abstained from orgasm for a predetermined amount of time (days, maybe weeks), as determined by you. Maybe you set a curfew for me. In bed by a certain hour every day, wake by a certain time, eat certain foods, omit others, take vitamins, maybe even read a book you particularly enjoyed, or watch a movie you want me to see. Maybe you want me to do a certain amount of charity work to put in some sweat equity to show that I desire a session with you that much. Make me earn your consideration (not even a promise) of a session. Other expectations might be to do yoga and stretching exercises, in order to attain a certain level of flexibility and fitness that you might find desirable during session. Maybe this would be important to you for reasons not clearly known to me, nor should I question them. Instead, I should strive to achieve all of your goals on my own, with not communication from me to you during the days or weeks leading up to our session, unless you message me first and expect a response, which understandably, would be unlikely because of your schedule. As time nears, maybe I’m tasked to provide a concise progress report, 200 word or less, for instance. Maybe I was able to achieve certain goals but not others. If you’re satisfied that I’ve put in sufficient effort, but still haven’t achieved all of your goals for me, maybe you would considering addressing those failures or shortcomings with me in real time. Or, if my effort is wholly inadequate, maybe the session wouldn’t be allowed and I’d be forced to start my effort over again, and this time, with even less communication and over the course of a longer period of time. Reminding me that my honesty is critically important, because I will be tested, and failing your tests in session, could be cause for immediate termination.

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