Blog Post: Part 3 – Pumped, Drained, Milked and Abused In Captivity

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He exited the bathroom with unchecked enthusiasm, bounding towards me as fast as his knees could carry him. He stopped just a foot in front of me, lowering his head to the floor and raising his ass high. I gave no such instruction, but this slutty boy was always looking for a means to display himself to me, or otherwise make every orifice available for inspection and use. The open air must have felt so good on his warm skin, leaving no portion of himself unavailable to my gaze.
Without much hesitation, I began to ceremoniously wrap a thick leather collar around his neck, locking the clasp tightly behind him. I can only imagine how blissful that must feel to any submissive; to knee, expose yourself and feel a collar signifying ownership slip around you; it’s like finding your perfect place in the universe. Goosebumps were already covering him from head to toe as I gave his collar a tug, pulling him to his feet and leading him towards my tall steel cross. His back pressed firmly into the cold metal, amplifying the chills down his spine. It’s rare that I leave him free to see; hoods and blindfolds always punctuated his captivity, but today he’d need every heightened sense at his disposal.
I secured him tight, limbs spread wide apart against the crucifix as his eyes followed my every move. His feet bound with a 4 ft spreader bar between them, hands and arms securely ensnared with endless feet of heavy hemp rope; topping it off, his collar secured rigidly, forcing his chin up and eyes level to stare across the room. The only part of him that was able to budge, were his hips – strong and chiseled, he often liked to thrust and squirm, a sight I deeply enjoyed, but that would be extraordinarily purposeful in the coming moments.
I stoked his cheek, assuring him that I had every confidence in his success today, in fact, I was going to help him to achieve his next goal. The clock ticking away in the background, I fired up my laptop, setting a loop of excessively erotic milking videos. Over the past month, I’ve been saving my very favorites, editing them down to the most climatic and indulgent moments; truly a best of the best in visual stimulation. I leaned my back against him, feel him stiffen against me as we both watched my visual entertainment for just a brief moment. So many shuddering crescendos, flushed bodies and straining muscles, it was truly entrancing.
“I know that this alone won’t get you where you need to be, not without a bit of help”, I giggled.
His eyes continued to follow me to the Venus, I’ve teased him on and off with vague threats to simply leave him attached for hours, always a bluff, but he knew today was different. Even the slow setting was agony; a steady, deep suction caught the tip of his already swollen cock and sucked it deep inside the slick latex mouth. His moans were instant, but this speed – this slow tease – would never be enough. “I’ve already weighed the mouth of this device”, I smiled coyly at him, “and the dog bowl”, strategically placing it below his throbbing predicament. “Anything over the control volume will be added to your total and every climax you’re about to experience, you must ask permission for so I can keep count. Obviously any accidents will be severely and mercilessly punished, so don’t allow yourself to make that mistake.”
I stepped away to take in my work, strapped inescapably to my cross and forced to ingest a feast of visual erotic perfection, all while being endlessly sucked and drained by a tireless cock sucking machine. He was already thrusting his hips as forcefully as his bondage would allow, all with no additional satisfaction. It seemed to me that I’ve created a perfect predicament, one that didn’t need such strict oversight, he’d be fine without my supervision for a while…
A soft knock on the back door, in perfect timing, shattered the string of endless moans from my prisoner. He knows very well that I’m friends with MANY kinky people, various Dommes, a few subs, my stable of slaves and perhaps most feared of all, my parade of bulls. He was beyond relieved to see the soft bounce of dirty blonde curls in the distance as my submissive Claudette walked in…..she offered a wide smile and trademark cheerful greeting as she made her way through the dungeon for a better view.  “It’s nice to see you again Mark” she smiled, stripping off her clothes. The last time Mark and Claudette had seen each other, he was buried face first between her tan little thighs. Just the sight of her undressing was enough to increase the furious thrusts of his hips forcing over a climactic edge. The Venus continued sucking away relentlessly as he shuddered and panted.
“You didn’t ask for permission”, I chastised from the other side of the room. He was still too overwhelmed for a response, but his failure was obvious and undeniable as pearly while drips began to leak out of the suction tube into the waiting dog bowl below.
“Hummm, what do you think we should do with this slut, Mistress?” Claudette sweetly asked as she grabbed for her purse. “Maybe since he just can’t seem to control himself, we can show him too much of a good thing?” Her small hands clasped tightly around her favorite black dildo, a monster attachment so large that it hardly fit in her handbag. She pulled it out and began running the massive tip against his face. With instinct, his mouth opened wide to accept her offering, pumping the big fat cock in and out of his mouth at a furious pace. It silenced his painful begging as the post climatic edge began to trial off his orgasm. “Get it nice and wet for me”, she purred, casting a glance for approval in my direction. Ever the voyeur, I didn’t move, I wanted to see her use him, to just have him as her own personal toy for a moment. What I offered in cruelty, she offered in excessive and unimaginable kindness; my non response was enough permission for her, she pulled the thick black cock out of his mouth and leaned back on the medical table behind her, spreading her lovely soft legs apart, she pushed the toy into her dipping pussy. He tried to look away, but the only other vision in his path was the milking video. Closing his eyes would have been safe, except for the soft throaty gasps coming from Claudette as she pumped away.
“She never quite takes long, does she?,” I mocked. I walked up behind her, locking eyes with him I slid my hands across her firm perky tits, taking a nipple in each hand, I pinched hard, sending her over the edge. Her breaths hardly slowed before she popped off the table and jammed the dildo down Mark’s waiting throat. “It’s very heavy, she panted, make sure you hold it firm in your teeth. If that drops from your mouth, I worry how our Mistress might take such a blatant insult”….
She was always looking for an excuse to bring her toys into play….it’s partially what I love so much about having her around. “Let’s give him a few minutes to compose himself, then we will deal with that unauthorized orgasm.”
…to be continued

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