Blog Post: New Toys, Tools and Methods of Contact!!!

Happy Friday my Salacious Sluts!


I bet you’re all VERY glad to see a new posting again in this little blog aren’t you? Seriously, where does the time go?

Admittedly, while I’ve always had a heavy tinge of writers block, I realized it’s going to be really tricky to follow-up my last series of entries where I literally held someone hostage and forced them through a deep erotic journey. Honestly….how on earth do you top that? As you can see by the lag in entries, it’s been an impossible task.

Try as I might, it’s going to be a while before I have the time and energy to recap some of the furiously sexy scenarios I’ve indulged lately that come pretty close, so for today – I’m going to fill the gap by updating you dolls to some important new information AND exciting new toys I’ve got in the mix.


First and foremost, after about a decade I’m joining the club and updating my email address.



It’s about time I switch to the most secure method of contact out there, heaven knows I value our privacy, but it’ll be a slow process as I hunt down and correct all my various outdated forms of communication for an update. I’ll monitor my old yahoo location for the next 6 months, but if you’re catching this message now – go ahead and take a second (right now) to make that shift. I’d hate to miss anything from you.


Secondly, my hours….


I’m just going to shift them a little bit and will now be stopping at 10 pm each night. I’ll till be starting scenes bright and early at 11, but a gal has to have a little ‘me’ time after a long day and I’ve never been much of a night owl when it comes to intense, high energy bdsm. You’ll still be able to get your kicks 11 hours a day, 7 days a week so this isn’t really that news worthy.


Now to the fun stuff….


A serious rubber lover has graced my dungeon with a new double wide latex vac bed from Kink Engineering. The shipping notice finally went out after ages of agonizing patience, but now it’s in the hands of UPS and on the way. I’ll absolutely be posting photos the moment it arrives, but you bet your ass you’re not going to hear much of a peep from me for the first 24 hours. I doubt I’ll even be coming up for air!

(photo from KE site)


Also, for you medical fetishists out there, I have a complete set of authentic Humane Restraints also currently en route.

I know ropes and straps can be tremendously fun and restrictive, but these are truly designed to be firm in the face of a total thrashing meltdown. Hospital grade and the real deal my sweets, you’ll be pinned down, pulled apart and all too easily accessed by my probing hands and toys. For those of you who love photo mementos, these will be excessively stimulating to look back on when fondly recapturing our time together.



I do have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but I’ll save those for another time. For now, consider these breadcrumbs a gift to tide you over until inspiration strikes me again.


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