2 comments on “Blog Post: There’s No Wrong Way To Kink!!!

  1. Your article “There’s No Wrong Way To Kink” is spot on. Your insights in the article brought me back to your blog. Much appreciated.
    I look forward to reading more like this very thoughtful article.

    Also thought I might add the observations of a retired domme, Mistress Christy , once of Bangkok, with whom I am still very close. regarding the sexual element of female domination. She once told me that as much as 15% of her “slaves” came to her for the pain.(some for really hard stuff too) and perhaps 35% were for sex (in one form or another other than intercourse) . As for the other 50%, she just laughed and told me that it’s so diverse it was hard to quantify the interests she had to address. (and not just from men – she had regular sessions with single women and couples).

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