Blog Post: Deep Detailed Look At The Combination Dungeon

Good evening darling pervs!!
As I’m sure you may have noticed from the recent string of photos and videos on my Twitter profile, the monster machine that is the Combination Dungeon from Fetters has finally arrived in my studio!
I’ve been nothing but a flurry of latex clad excitement and renewed creativity as I put this beast together and finally began breaking it in with one of my favorite playmates! Summer always takes a toll on me but this has been my absolute salvation!
It occurred to me, even though I was the one that scouted this out, picked each option and put it together; I was still amazed to learn all the various functions and options for how this delicious stack of metal might be used. So really, my poor audience has been left with only a half hearted impression – and that simply will not do!
How on earth can I expect my doomed darlings to fantasize about your various predicaments if you don’t even know what’s available?
So, today’s post to simply going to break down exactly what the fuss is all about!
For clarity, here’s the official photo from the Fetters website, sometimes staged shots are the best option…


But here it is in my space…


Stretching Rack (arms, legs, delicate bits)

The common theme in almost every visitors fantasy is a craving for inescapable bondage. The exposure that comes along with not being able to shift your limbs even one optimistic inch is pivotal to any really successful feeling of capture. Now, beyond merely tightly tied ropes or well placed cuffs, I can pull you tight, arms high above head, truly leaving you vulnerable to my every wicked wish.

Leather Belting System

10 thick, fully adjustable, body compressing leather belts straddle the entire length of this table for either minimal or maximum multifaceted bondage. Leather lovers rejoice, I can thoroughly secure you in your material of obsession; pressing you down, holding you tight, teasing your skin and muscles as you fruitlessly fight for leverage. Despite the paralyzing restriction, this is comfortable enough for even the longest extended or overnight scenes.


Whipping Bench

I once had a kneeling bench, now a relic from my first dungeon’s incarnation, that was the bane of many suitors. This whipping bench does not rely on kneeling, but rather standing or dangling over the severe arched, but well padded curve, eliminating tension for those who’s bodies didn’t quite fit the rigid confines of the previous ‘one size fits all’ device that used to grace my space.

This can be used with the belt system and stretching rack for a very deep feeling of being left and held helplessly in a punishment pose for as long as I deem necessary.

Overhead Racks

Ever wishing that I had several additional hands in the dungeon to help complete a feeling of sensory overload, I’ve turned to extras like this for those moments of ‘more’. Perfect for predicaments like tightly tied balls strung high above or nipples held firm by clamps and secured to these posts; you’ll be at a loss to move, flinch or even breathe deeply without adding to your torment.

Gyno Stirrups

If we’ve met, you know I’m invasive. It’s just my thing. I need to make someone feel spread open, exposed and watched. Just having someone bound with their legs propped up implies I could penetrate you anytime, for any reason – a powerful feeling especially if you’re blindfolded.
Then there’s the practical application: with all the rigid restriction above, to be left spread eagle like this and used…. words simply fail to describe the immense feeling of being displayed.


CBT table

This was quite a shock when it arrived, but this gorgeous table has a hole, perfectly sized to fit your family jewels as you lie face down. The implications are pretty staggering but all I envision is some unique forced bi predicaments (the hole hangs just above the cage) and various, cruel cock and ball tortures.

Puppy cage (see above)

I suppose no dungeon is complete without a cage or two and this has grown on me tremendously.
I’ve used it several times now to isolate a prisoner, leave him safe and sound while I go about my day – rewarding him with certain deviant treats fed through the hole above. Or more cruelly – as the bottom is metal – to electrify with my violet wand, sending tingles or shocks through the entire cage; a sublime addition to my interrogation scenarios.
So there you have it! I know my videos and tweets have been a total tease only showing small snippets of the possibilities but now you have your all access view to everything available.
Now, just let me know when curiosities and desire gets the best of you?

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  1. Luke

    Have never been to a professional Domina before, but instead of one, I can now see two….well three…..reasons to visit. Throw the switch, Doctor.

  2. Wow – That looks very cool! I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

    enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

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