Does this Spank Joy?

So I admittedly have two audiences, one favoring social media – and one who feels more comfortable with less frequent postings simply hitting their inbox via my blog. So tweeties, some of this for you might be a little repetitive, but hang in with me.

Recently, thanks to the lovely Jade Thunderstorm, I’ve gotten hooked on this adorable guru of minimalist organization – Marie Kondo (above).

She’s taken on the monumental task of convincing people that too much stuff can be stressful and that by parting with excess items that don’t ‘spark joy’ you’ll be a happier, more organized version of yourself. Simple, perhaps overly so, but I’ve got to tell you after holding my 20th pair of black pants from my wardrobe and thinning the heard to just the essentials that I love, I’ve never felt better. 25 pairs of skin tight yoga pants didn’t spark joy….but 20 still did. Marie, you’re on to something Marie.

Sure, that takes care of my vanilla domestics in one neat little KondoMari size fold, but my dungeon – that’s always been a different beast. I’ve teetered between knowing I’m a super organized hoarder and justifying every purchase from the smallest to most extravagant, it’s a ‘work necessity’. Creativity makes up 50% of what I bring to a scene, but with over a decade worth of regulars, new toys and having everything they may see online and want to try is simply a “must” for my dungeon. All of that I can still say and stand behind with a straight face. Until of course, I realize I have duplicates – sometimes triplicates – of almost everything.

3 days ago I had a personal slave choose a random smattering of 14 impact items, I did the same. Instantly I noticed in the mix I was holding the same exact lexan cane 3 times over. So here we are, I’m going to go through my studio to purge things I don’t need….with the fully admitted purpose of making room for new, exciting and more diverse implements and furniture.

My hope, with larger items like this cross above (that I have two of) is to sell at a steal of a price, but other items: impact, restraint, hoods etc…I’ll be giving away. Since I don’t want to be the ultra creepy person trying to sneak perverted items into goodwill under the radar, I’ll be offering them up to visitors with booked appointments or duo partners who want to snag something – if it catches their eye. Now at first, I only have one box I’m willing to part with, but I expect this to be ongoing. New furniture is en route and I have a giant cart of toys pending from Mr S Leather, so whether or not I like it, I’ve got to make room and part with multiples.

So, if you’re in my studio and want to take something home, ask to see my ‘didn’t spank joy’ box.

You’ll be doing me a huge favor!

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