Blog Post: New Gyno Table – A Deeper Look

Current Medical Room (left) 2019

I remember the day I officially had my very own dungeon; I was 21, my first space was bare bones, white walls and sparse, but it was mine. Decorated lovingly in implements hung up by nails, equally industrial but cozy throw rugs and about 4 items of furniture: a home made cross, a wooden interrogation chair, massage/bondage table and the most flimsy spanking horse ever – it creaked and wobbled, but I loved it. Every dime I wasn’t spending to live on, went into that space, growing my collection – but I knew if I just stayed patient, enjoyed my work and saved my money, one day I’d have the dungeon of my dreams.
Fetters Gynecological Table

Today, as I assembled this absolutely iconic gyno table, I thanked my past self for her patience. In this moment – my dungeon is truly complete. The list of what’s here would totally overwhelm this blog, more toys, tools and articles of furniture then could ever be used in one scene – even if that scene was a week long – and I’m filled with a sense of contentment I’ve not yet felt.

In this space, I officially want for nothing – and neither will you.

This won’t inhibit my continued collecting, but honestly – I’m overwhelmed with lust as I look around at the accumulation of my greatest obsession. It glitters and gleams, scented of leather and latex: absolute perfection incarnate and now, finally complete.

This gyno table is what I initially envisioned.
Though the original (and since removed) table was a real – brand new from an overstocked hospital, I was always annoyed at the total lack of bondage points. This one, As you can see – is nothing but a sea of bondage points!!!! And there’s about 6 more sets of belts for the hands and feet that I’ve left out of the shot for a clean look.

Adding to the excitement, there’s still two after market leg extensions to come, but for now, my diabolical medical exams just got a little more devious.

Fully adjustable for sitting up or lying back in the lap of soft leather luxury. adjustable stirrups and incredibly severe – if you’re a bondage lover or medical fetishist – this is a must try.

Now, who needs to be spread and probed?

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