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Wow is really all I can say about the session I had with Mistress Victoria.

It was my first time meeting Mistress after following her on Twitter for over 3 years. I was extremely nervous about experiencing a long awaited fantasy but Mistress made me feel at ease quickly.

After a brief chat about pertinent information I was offered a shower. Upon exiting the shower it was time to submit completely. Mistress was feeling in a generous mood and allowed me to pick one of three different hypnosis sessions.

She gave me a brief idea of what the first two would be about but said the third was a surprise. I took the plunge and went for complete surprise. I wanted to fully give up control and have an experience I couldn’t imagine.

While going under trance Mistress relentlessly teased my body in more ways than I could list, even if I remembered them all. During the session I felt extremely vulnerable and perfectly safe. It is very important to Mistress that her subjects are safe at all times. I would highly suggest anyone with an interest to go visit Mistress Victoria. She is welcoming and caring but is clear she is in charge. You will submit to her will and follow all of her commands. By doing so you will have an absolutely wonderful time. I can’t wait for the next time I’m able to submit to Mistress again.

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