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I assume most people that are new-ish to the scene are similar to me. Nervous about exposing your kinky side, reviewing a website over and over for weeks or even months working up the courage to book, dreaming of what could be if you finally went. I’m here to tell you that with Domina Victoria Rage, you need to take that leap and see her.

I had seen other pro dommes in the past and never felt as comfortable as I did during the first few minutes that I met Domina Rage. The first thing you find as she opens the door for you is a woman that is more beautiful than her photos can show. Her smile, her looks, the way she stands, her voice greeting you, everything about her screams sensuality. It is immediately intoxicating and melts away any anxiety you may have had, to be replaced with primal desire.

By the time she has invited you to sit and chat about your session, you already feel at home. When discussing your session she takes a genuine interest in your kinks. I was nervous and shy to ask for what I wanted, but was greeted with enthusiasm once I did. From the look in her eyes and growing smile, you can see that she shares your excitement for play.

It took only a couple minutes to feel completely comfortable sharing my desires with her. There was no judgement, no dismissing of my needs, only curiosity and support. You can not embarrass yourself by being honest with her. She quickly understood what I was asking for, and asked questions with suggestions expanding on my kinks. Her supportive attitude carried over into play as well.

I won’t get into details about our sessions, but I have never once been disappointed in our interactions. As she has read my reactions, she has introduced me to play that I didn’t know existed that I thoroughly enjoyed.

If there is one defining feature in our sessions, it’s that she can understand and adapt to your needs better than anyone. Her disarming smile and wickedly playful demeanor makes you want more, and to be more, for her. You will be fixated on accomplishing anything she asks, and feel like it’s what you wanted all along. If you are on the fence to see Domina Victoria Rage, you shouldn’t be. Let her guide you to becoming your real self while embracing your inner kink. You will not regret it. Go. Now!

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