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This review is a composite of several visits to see Domina Victoria Rage.

I first reached out to Domina Victoria Rage in the midst of a 5+ year hiatus from kinky play (almost exclusively with professional dominatrices) after having followed her on Twitter for quite some time.

She responded very quickly and professionally to my introductory email and, after just a short exchange, our initial meeting was set. Her multi room dungeon is easy to find with ample parking and equipped with a staggering array of furniture, equipment, outfits and all manner of toys. The pictures on her site, while accurate, really do not do it justice.

After warmly greeting me, she always takes a few moments to sit and chat. Domina inquires about how I am doing personally and asks if I have any specific kinks or activities that have been most on my mind or desired lately. While there is no guarantee she will explore what I mention, as often she has very specific plans of her own, her genuine interest in what I am feeling and how I am doing that day heightens the experience incredibly while also helping her supply the best possible experience.

The chat is always followed by a shower in her immaculately clean dungeon bathroom. This is the perfect way to transition from the outside world into the session. I first came to Domina Victoria with a pretty extensive of list of things that I had done in the past as well as activities i was currently interested in exploring. She not only expertly explored my specific interests but, as time went on, expanded them into some things that I’d never really considered. Her intuition is truly like none I have ever seen.

It is almost if she crawls inside your head and extracts exactly what you want and need from your subconscious and then, not only delivers it, but expands upon it. Domina also shows tremendous care for me during every scene. She is constantly checking both verbally and visually to see that I am okay. Her demeanor within session is incredible. It is simultaneously playful, caring, sensual, strict and teasing. However, there is absolutely no doubt at any time who is in charge. It also very clear that while she cares about my well being and desires, I will endure whatever she has planned for me that day be it physically harsh or just simply incredibly stimulating.

The most amazing thing is that she makes me truly WANT to please her. No matter what that day’s session includes, I am always on cloud nine when I walk out the door at the end. When the play time has ended, I am always offered a chance to shower and clean up if needed followed by some time to sit, chat and and come down a bit from subspace. Her aftercare is wonderful. Never once, ever, did I feel like I was being pushed out the door or that i was “just another client that day.”

Domina does genuinely care about every submissive who comes to see her and devotes herself completely to every session. It was obvious from my first interaction with her how much she loves what she does and her pure joy during each session adds incredibly to the experience. Whether you are a long time player looking for a someone to see regularly or a curious novice looking for a one time experience, whether your interests are in erotic sensation, tease and denial, harsh corporal, bondage, medical play or any other of the interests she lists on her site you can truly not go wrong by reaching out to Victoria Rage.

Simply follow her instructions and express your interests and limits clearly and you will truly enjoy an exquisite experience. I am so glad, after so many years away, that I reached out to her. She has added a wonderful dimension my life.

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