Blog Post: Adrenaline Room Website Update

How many months past due would I admit this post is? I’ve been desperately trying to keep up with my own dungeon, detailing every item and article so there’s a way for new comers to get the FULL picture of possibility. Even now, having spent 4 hours photographing, creating a line item list and finished with this blog and subsequent website update – I still have two rooms of this dungeon left unaccounted for. But, if the biggest problem in my life is that I have too many toys to tell you about – it’s a pretty charmed existence!

So, without further distraction, here’s the newest line item list of the Adrenaline Room of my dungeon – there is MUCH more in the way of photos on my website – as well as newly shot section of my specialty leather and latex.

Steel Goddess, Throne/Bondage Chair, Standing Jail Cell, Combination Dungeon Table (Includes Stretching Rack, Inversion Extension, Whipping Bench, Full Body Bondage Straps and Flogging Bench) Ball Crush Pillory, Puppy Cage

Venus 2000, 54 Single Tails & Floggers, Head To Toe Body Straps, Spreader Bars, Bondage BeltsĀ (Leather,Canvas and Rubber), Arm Binders, Massive Hood Collection (Neoprene, Leather, Spandex and Rubber) Specialty Sensory Dep Masks, Breath Play Masks, Spanking Machine

Storage Bins: 47 piece Insertable collection, Gender Bending CostumesĀ (wigs, breast insert, luxury make up and high end lingerie), Every Kind Of Rope Imaginable (cotton, jute, hemp, silicone…etc..), Personal Latex Wardrobe, Personal Stiletto & Boot Collection, Leather Body Bag, Leather Straight Jacket, Canvas Body Bag, Canvas Straight Jacket, Latex Sheets, Rubber Body Bad, Latex Inflatable Body Bag, Latex Sarcophagus with layered breath hood, Latex Bondage Body Bag, Latex Straight Jacket, Latex Mummification Bag, Latex Sleep Sack, Latex Vac Bed.

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