Blog Post: Only Fans – What It Is And Why You Need It

Alright darlings, 5 weeks since my launch of OF, I’ve been asked just as frequently about what it is and why it’s different from Twitter as I’ve had people subscribe…so it’s time we sit down and have a little chat. I’m here to educate and entice you.

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been on twitter for over 9 years. (JFC!)
I’ve logged nearly 15k tweets and amassed an audience near 28k viewers: I’m flattered and I absolutely love the wide spread nature of the platform, but I never expected so many eyes to be cast my way. Being that public has me very conscious of how quickly one sensitive post can be shared to tend or thousands or hundred of thousands of people if the right popular followers retweet you. With that always in mind, I’ve been rather careful about what I publish.

While an obvious necessity, It’s been a wasted 9 years not being able to really post about private parties, more personal scenes, dates with my real life slaves or glimpses into my daily. I mean honestly, because my twitter account is ‘partly professional’ I’ve even refrained from showing much of the one kink I love so very much: anal! Can you imagine all the strap on scenes you’ve missed?!?

Let’s also not forget that with each passing month, twitters rules become tighter. I get it, they need to abide by the law, but shadow bans, deleted accounts and hidden texts for sensitive content are the new norm. It’s boring and censorship really just gets my non existent panties in a bunch. I am happy to flick on the ‘adult filter’ but beyond that – it’s too much. 
Enter only fans.

Simply put, they don’t have the same rules for posting adult content, so basically unless I’m doing something horrific, I can show you whatever my dark heart desires. 

And with the added bonus of a smaller, more controllable audience, I am very comfortable posting shots for ass worship or of myself in a fully see through clear catsuit without having to worry about that going too widespread online. Even if you try to ‘retweet’ a certain OF tweet, no one else can view it unless they also subscribe.
It’s truly a blessing to the smut strewn parts of the internet.

So let me tell you how this works…

For ease of use, once you subscribe, it integrates seamlessly with your twitter account (and into your twitter feed) and in no way connects so that your followers are aware you’ve joined my page. You can see my smut without vanilla friends or loved ones being able to tell in the slightest and you don’t need to log into a separate platform to view. Just use twitter as normal.

For privacy, let me assure you that it also bills to you very discreetly. Under the company name SMM Speciali – when googled, this is simply an Italian media company. There’s no mention of OF or even a hint that it’s connected. It’s actually meant for ALL types of business so the billing in no way describes to an adult fan page. I love that they’ve gone the extra mile knowing who their audience would really be!

Now let’s cover what I have been posting…

Obviously with a personal page, I can show you things that I wouldn’t connect to my ‘professional’ persona. Violations, nudity, clips and all sorts of more risque compilations…things a Dominatrix couldn’t do in exchange for a tribute, but as a lifestyle Mistress – there’s a LOT I get into and a lot I’m willing to share – especially now that I have the hang of the platform, I’ll be expanding quite a bit, starting this month!

Exclusive photos, session clips, videos, tasks and personalized birthday messages will make up the bulk of my content, but I will also not be opening a separate clip store as first expected. 

Instead, I’m opting to use OF, where instead of a 40% cut taken by other video platforms, OF takes a forgivable 20%, I can live with that. 
A basic monthly subscription will give you unfettered access to everything, so instead of having to purchase clips one at a time as well as keeping up with my website, blog, twitter, Insta and clip store – it’ll all be right there, in one neat little package. You can have everything for one monthly price: currently $20 (this may increase annually as the volume and complexity of my catalog grows, but not for a while).

Now, for other questions: 

Is this a good way to serve you from afar? Yes, perhaps the best. It helps you’d stand out from my crowd in a more interactive and directly supportive environment. 

Can you just give me access for free? No, I literally can’t. The system allows me to give an occasional discount but there’s a max allowed. I can’t externally give you a way to view my account without a paid subscription, it’s physically impossible.

Can I get a discount? Frankly, no. My website, Instagram, Blog and Twitter are all free and have tens of thousands of posts. I have never made a dime from any of these platforms (in fact they cost me $400 annually to have) but I will always continue to offer them without charge. This one avenue balances out the time spent across-the-board for my efforts. Request for discounts in this arena are seen as rude and ungrateful. 

Do I have to pay monthly? Ideally yes, but realistically no. When signing up, you can choose a single month or to be auto rebilled.

Do you know if I’ve subscribed? Unless you select a user name that I’d recognize – no. OF assigns you a series of letters and numbers, that’s all I see as a user name. You are totally anon.

Can I tip you? Do you even see that? Yes, and thank you! Tips are awesome, never required but so appreciated. I am notified when someone does tip so I have a chance to message you with my gratitude through the system. It still doesn’t reveal your name unless you’ve put one in there, but I am well aware when I receive a kind tribute.

Can I pay for sessions via OF? No. That 20% fee comes out of my earnings so that’s not going to be possible. Also, this is a personal page, I’m not doing anything professional via this platform so I can continue to post whatever the fuck I want.

Can I be refunded for any reason? Not that I’m aware, but why would you want to be? Issues in general with OF just be handled through their customer support, which I am entirely removed from.

Do I need your permission to subscribe? No – I want you to – I want everyone to. When my audience gets too large, I’ll re address it, but for now the privacy measures that come with the platform are adequate so that anyone and everyone (my slaves and clients included) may subscribe.

Last but not least, this may tempt you or not – but OF is how I will be funding new toys to the dungeon from now on. Partially to curb my spending habit, but for the moment, it’s provided me a boost to allow for some devious new gear. I’ve got a chunk in my wallet now waiting for Mr S Leathers 4th of July Sale! A lot of you enjoy that you’re contributing to your Mistress, so your support and kind participation directly help me to live the life I crave.

Now, let’s see those subscription numbers jump! I look forward to seeing you all follow and obey!

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