Blog Post: Holiday Happenings And Hedonism

Most people will be doing one of two things at the end of this week: spending a very vanilla few days fully immersed willingly or not in the throes of the holiday vibe – or – if you’re lucky, completely holed up at home avoiding it altogether. I enjoy celebrating, but my version of things tends to involve a lot more nudity and obscenities than the average get together.

If you’re like me, you’re playing along with a Julie Andrews style smile plastered on, but you’re tired of the decorations in every store you step into…The ones they started putting up with no hesitation, the moment Halloween passed. Saccharine songs, too many lights and loads of obligations always oppressively loom over an otherwise gorgeous time of year. One that really begs for relaxation, self care and self indulgence….

I’m no grinch, but even for someone who admittedly loves a bit of excess – this time of year always makes me feel a little claustrophobic. I envy those who planned ahead to take vacations this month and I’m sure as you attend one company holiday party after another – you’re likely to start feeling the same way I do!.

Fortunately for you, I come offering a life preserver of sorts; escape, respite and much needed deviation from the impending avalanche of good cheer, cranberry sauce, egg nog and credit card debt.

Keeping perfect balance for both myself and my dear pets – I’ll be making my schedule pretty available throughout the holidays, for when you just need a private moment to revel in your element. .

Of course, daily availability will continue to be posted on my twitter feed HERE. But for a larger picture of when you can reach me, I plan on taking bookings all the way up to December 23rd. Oh yes, my pets – I’ll keep you company all the way to D-Day!

I will resume again from the 27th on and continue in full swing thereafter right through NYE and beyond.

As usual, advance planning is highly recommended, but never hesitate to reach out (via email) if you find yourself with some unexpected time on your hands and a strong desire to get a little wicked! I’m always ready to turn you inside out…and always up to give you what you *really* need.

In the meantime, for those who do indulge the season in all its tinsel coated splendor – I am always charmed by sweet gifts and warm wishes. While none are ever required, I realize I’m very blessed to have such a thoughtful crowd on my hands who do inquire! All women should really be so lucky!

So, if you are curious for a way to brighten my holiday when you’re not in my dungeon, nothing says JOY quite like Amazon but I do have a few new things lately that have caught my eye!

Gift certificates to Salish Lodge

Gift cards with Alaska Air

Gift Cards to Libidex

Donations to:
Seattle Humane Society:

Vuckjak Shelter:

And of course, surprises and tokens from the heart are warmly welcomed!

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