Blog Post: Providers Are Body Blind – I Swear. A Plea To Stop The Dick/Gym Pics.

We might, as providers, need to keep ringing this bell for a while until it becomes accepted across the board.

So many of us have tweeted and blogged it in the past, but it’s shocking how often this topic falls on deaf ears. Maybe our approach is so polite and gentle that it comes off as sacchrine and insincere – but as a bit of a niche portion of the SW world – I’m going to lay out the WHY in some blunt truths: providers don’t give a second thought to your physical composition and aren’t swooning over unsolicited sexual photos.

More blunt: we don’t care what you look like. We don’t care what you’re packing or what you possess.
We don’t. We don’t need to know it when you reach out, we don’t need photos, you don’t need to sell us on your body. You need to sell us on your personality. However you are is just fine with us, honestly – you’re beautiful, because by reaching out – I aleady know that you and I share compatible interests….thats what I care about.

Bodies are varied, bodies are flawed. Most of us don’t have time to work on them to a point of perfection and a lot of ‘luck of the draw’ things come into play to help gain those certain perfections. Long thick cock? You had nothing to do with that. Build muscle fast? Genetics and hard work. But as you look at many physiques around the gym, some people will work out harder than you and still be less bulky or cut. Luck of the draw. Your fancy car – you don’t need to brag about that either, you’re not giving it to me. Fancy vacations you just took? I’m genuinely happy for you and happy to hear about it if you’re sharing your experience, but just bragging how MUCH it costs etc… why? You’re not sending me there. Honestly the frugal side of me wishes you had invested instead.

Going all in: those abs also don’t need to be photographed in your initial inquiry. I don’t want a dick pick unless I demand one.¬† It comes off more as you putting me on the spot to offer validation then letting your actual personality I’ll be interacting with shine through. I either have to ignore it or cater to you in flattery – even if it’s not what I’m attracted to. It’s what you clearly expect and hope for. It also signals to me that you might need a lot of that in person.

Providers love to flatter clients, genuine compliments – not the typical. You have a devious grin. I love how you smell when you struggle – all true. I want you to feel elevated and proud of yourself, but I won’t give insincere compliments because someone poises me to. By sending a photo, you already KNOW you’re x,y,z – it’s not news you need to hear.

Maybe it wasn’t your intention – and that’s the point of this post – to assure everyone that the priorities for a provider are cleanliness, respect, good banter and having fun. Beyond that, it’s so unimportant that it doesn’t even regiester for most of us to request a ‘physical description’ in our booking pages – and when we do, it’s usually for security. None of it matters.
So let me conclude this in two ways…

If you’ve been hesitant to visit a lady like me because of any physical factor you personally are uncomfortable with, I promise¬†we won’t even see it. We almost universally disregard the physical. Just be easy going and we are SO into it. It *really* is that easy.

If you’re the type who obsesses about the perfect shred before a visit; don’t. There’s only ONE client I actively lean into it with and that’s because his gym time is a service to me. Yes Rubber Bitch, I mean you. Outside of that – realx friend. We are happy you’re comfortable and proud in your own skin. I want that for you, but don’t expect someone who’s body blind to marvel. You’re not going to woo me with the irrevelant. Let us celebrate and enjoy you for all the wonderful and amazing things that DO matter to us. Just relax – I promise, without pretense – you’re going to have a great time.

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